Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I got on here to show Sammy an OLD video of him when he was a baby and realized that I'm a blogging loser! I didn't post one thing in 2014! and not much the year prior either. What the heck! I guess I'm kind of busy :)

So I think I will catch you all up (all three of you that actually still use blogs). We moved at the end of 2013 into a stand alone house (rather than a townhouse) and enjoyed doing yard work all summer and sammy enjoyed the HUGE driveway and sidewalks and neighbors, and still does. It's a better situation than our house and we love it. Sammy learned to ski last year and we all have seasons passes this year and are throuroughly enjoying ourselves so far, even if there isn't much snow. Here are some pictures to update you of our last year.

Gosh Dang! Looking at these few pictures, we are a fun family and Katy goes to lots of dances. We do have fun, but we also have a messy house and I don't cook dinner nearly as much as I should. My new goal this year was to cook 3 times a week. So far I think I've barely hit it! I'm terrible!! But my kids love cereal and toast and I hate actually putting time and effort into cooking (which I hate) and having nobody eat much, or hear them complain. So I figure not cooking is kind of a win win!