Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Well, it's been 4 years since I last moved and I ran out of projects and my trailers could only go through so much remodeling. So, I figured it was time to move.

Actually, I have been looking for the last two years and finally found a home that I think will work perfectly. It isn't in my ideal neighborhood, which is my current ward, but it is still in my current little city I love and adore. It will be lots of fun remodeling and redecorating (and there is plenty of floral wallpaper and borders to rip down; yuck) and give me years of things to do. But MOST importantly, it is giving the kids a yard. You have no idea how much a yard and driveway with basketball hoops mean until you don't have one. The kids are THRILLED to say the least. I can't wait. We close in a week from today; I hope!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My latest project

As soon as school was done I started on my pop up trailer! It was fine and I loved my trailer, but it wasn't "me" and as my family put it, I ran out of things to redecorate in my house and all that was left was my trailer. So, redecorate my trailer I did! So here are some before and after pictures. It took a full week and a lot of work, but I LOVE the end product and can't wait to go camping next week.

 I realize that the before pictures don't have the dining areas set up, but you can clearly see the fabric and cabinets. 
 What you won't see is that I also took down those dreary curtains and redid those. I took off the clip tape stuff on the back of the old curtains to reuse it on the new ones so that I didn't have to repurchase that tape; I think it would have been expensive and reusing it worked just great and it just clipped right back onto the rails. Looks fabulous, but you don't see that in the after pictures.
 Don't you love the fake wood on all the cabinets. It covered every surface other than the floor, which was a white linoleum and showed so much dirt, which is why I had the lovely braided rug. 
 Here you can see the new flooring really well. I used a really cheap peel and stick laminate. It was VERY thin and super easy to lay. I used a utility knife to cut it and did a pretty great job. It was only 98 cents a square foot and I think ended up costing a total of about $35. Took a full day to lay it and I LOVE it! 

You can see that I chose red for the cabinets and a creamy white for all of the other wood covered material, like under the seats and around the perimeter of the trailer. I also reused the tan edging on all of the cabinets. They just pulled off and after painting, I just put the edging right back on with a light tap of the hammer.

The fabric is upholstery fabric that I got at a discount fabric store. It was only $3/yard and I LOVE it. You can't really see it, but in each blue stripe there is a small red pin stripe that matches the red in the cabinets. My sister in law as good enough to help me with sewing all of the cushions. It took two days. I picked out the old cushions so that I could reuse the back panel that had the zipper already attached and the bottom of each cushion that is made of a vinyl. It saved on fabric and also saved on me having to buy TONS of zippers and spend the money and time on something already there. Best idea I ever had was to reuse those two panels from the cushions!
 I don't use sleeping bags in my trailer, it's not something I can easily wash. I use bedding; real bedding. I have got red sheets to match the red theme and had the white blankets already. I also bought a small mirror at TJ Maxx on clearance for $10 that I used velcro tabs to adhere it to the door. When I'm ready to fold up the trailer and the door, I can just take it off since it's velcroed on  and put it away and then reattach it when I pop it up!
Overall I LOVE it! I can't even begin to tell you the difference that a small makeover made. I have no idea how well the paint will hold up. I used a spray paint primer on everything and then a regular latex paint over that. I would have rather used a spray paint, but it wasn't working well. I did use a black spray paint for all of the hardware which I took off and painted; well worth the time there for sure!