Wednesday, October 24, 2012

You go Girl!!!

I would post a picture, but I'm at work, so I don't have my library of pictures here! Oh well. Just wanted to share the great news that Jane is amazing! At the beginning of the year she said that she wanted to run for 7th grade office (they do the elections now), and then after the meeting, she announced she was running for president. I thought this was a little ambitious, but who am I to squash someone's dreams. She was certain and determined. After a grooling couple of weeks where they are not allowed to hand anything out, and can only verbally campaign with a couple of posters, SHE WON! I'm so proud of her and she is SO excited! She is the new 7th grade president at Sunset Jr. High and couldn't be more pleased. It's cause she so dang nice to everyone; there isn't a nicer person in the world. She is just genuinly kind and sweet to everyone. I love this girl so much and she is a great example to me of just being a good kind person!