Friday, July 13, 2012

Hair Update

Well, let's just say that my hair doesn't look like the adorable girl in the picture of my last post a few months ago. It doesn't look like any of the cuts from my pinterest hair board. It's just ugly and I hate it every single day. I actually got it cut about a month or so ago, thinking that it would grow on me/ that I would get used to it. I had about 6 inches cut off at least and bangs added. Not good on either count, not good at all. I cry almost every time I look in the mirror. As my mother has ALWAYS said "hair grows". Yes mother, that is true, but it surely doesn't grow nearly as quickly as I would like it to, like over night. I want the inches back and no bangs. I feel like I look about 5 years older and like a fumpy woman wearing helmet hair. It's bad. Everyone says it isn't, but I know the truth. We all know our own truth about how we really look. It's like when someone tells you you don't actually look fat in those jeans, you know you do. You wouldn't have asked if you didn't already know. The jeans make you look fat and you are trying to believe the horrible lies that everyone is telling you because you really want to believe that you don't look fat or feel fat. But the reality is that my hair is practically hideous. Yes, I can make it look decent and presentable, but I hate it and that's really the bottom line. If I don't feel beautiful with this hair cut, it isn't going to matter one bit what anyone tells me (unless that someone is Thor and he's telling me that he wants to marry me and be with me forever becasue of this hair cut). So, I will grow it back out once again; the vicious cycle continues. I do this all of the time. My hair grows to a decent long length and I get bored with how it looks and cut it, almost this exact same with, but without bangs usually. I tolerate it, but instantly decide that I need to grow it back out. It take a couple of years, and then I do it again! What am I always thinking!? I told the girls that no matter what, DO NOT LET ME CUT MY HAIR OFF AGAIN. I told my sisters and friends, DON"T LET ME DO IT!!!! I look so much better with long hair. Once I reach about 60 though, I'm going for the buzz looked. I think I could actually pull that off as an older woman!  Damn; I really hate hair!