Monday, February 27, 2012

Got to love teenagers

I have the hardest time keeping up with who needs what with the girls. It seems like they are always telling me they "need" something, but yet seems like they have a ton of everything. Getting ready for church is always a stress. I get me and Sammy ready, and the girls get themselves ready, usually with minimal drama I might add. Yesterday, not so much the case. Jane came down looking very beautiful, but barefoot asking if I had any shoes she could wear. Ahh, no; they are all too big and have high heels. Then the drama unfolds. She doesn't have any church shoes (of course), she can't find her sandals (of course), and she doesn't have anything to wear on her feet! (of course). It's now 5 minutes til church starts and I tell the girls I will be out in the car waiting. Katy comes out about 2 minutes later and had forgotten her bands for her braces, so runs back in. I tell her to tell Jane we are leaving. katy comes out and Jane pokes her head out to tell me (more like yell at me) that she doesn't have any shoes to wear!!!! So I say "I'm leaving Jane, church has started now, so put some shoes on." She slams the door (she's a HUGE door slammer) and then it opens with her walking out with her running shoes. I knew full well that she expected me to say "Jane, you can't wear those to church, you go in and change those right now." Instead, I just said "great, thanks Jane, let's go". As we drove to church she said "aren't you going to be embarrassed?" I said "heck no, those shoes aren't on my feet." When we got to church she immediatly went into the bathroom and cried. I was stong and stood in the foyer waiting for her. WE finally went in and she sat very still, totally unwilling to show any signs of happiness. After about 45 mintues she leaned over into my shoulder and said "mom, I thought you wouldn't let me go to church in these shoes, I was just trying to make you mad". I said "I know that Jane, and it's unfortunate that in your desire to hurt me, you are the one that has to live with the consequence for the next 2 hours. I love you." and I squeezed her. She wanted to cry, but knew that she was stuck. I wasn't mad. I had never gotten mad over it, so she realized that she was stuck with it and no amount of crying was going to change her shoes. I think that she won't try that trick again. I will admit though, that I was secretly laughing at how silly she looked throughout the entire meeting.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I love my Sammy

A couple of weeks ago I was babysitting my sister Jen's kids. Her youngest is 7 and Sammy adores him and idolizes him quite frankly. He was SO happy to have him to play with for a week. The first night, when Sammy saw that huge bathtub in Jen's bathroom, he wanted a bath, and asked Will if he wanted to have a bath with him. So the two of them get undressed and hop into the bath with excitment. I'm in the bedroom just tidying up and getting things done (I always sit in the bathroom while Sammy bathes, but didn't want Will to be self-conscious since he's a little older) and I hear this:

Will: What's that mark on your neck?
sidenote: Sammy has a large, dark birthmark at the base of the front side of his neck. It's like a huge totally flat mole. He's used to people asking what it is.
Sammy: it's my birthmark
Will: oh, where did you get it

Pause while Sammy thinks....I'm pretty sure nobody has ever asked him that before.

Sammy: well, Jesus gave it to me.

I smiled to myself. I thought that was the cutest response. It wasn't from me, it wasn't from his dad; it was from Jesus, which makes it a gift rather than something to be embarrassed about.

He says the best things and always just makes me smile. I love that kid more than anything.