Wednesday, October 24, 2012

You go Girl!!!

I would post a picture, but I'm at work, so I don't have my library of pictures here! Oh well. Just wanted to share the great news that Jane is amazing! At the beginning of the year she said that she wanted to run for 7th grade office (they do the elections now), and then after the meeting, she announced she was running for president. I thought this was a little ambitious, but who am I to squash someone's dreams. She was certain and determined. After a grooling couple of weeks where they are not allowed to hand anything out, and can only verbally campaign with a couple of posters, SHE WON! I'm so proud of her and she is SO excited! She is the new 7th grade president at Sunset Jr. High and couldn't be more pleased. It's cause she so dang nice to everyone; there isn't a nicer person in the world. She is just genuinly kind and sweet to everyone. I love this girl so much and she is a great example to me of just being a good kind person!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I need advice

I have the best neighbors. They are a young couple with two young daughters that Sammy falls right in between. They play together all the time. This man, Bert, is the kindest man in the world. Sometimes I find that he has taken my trash out or done other things just because he's a good and kind person. He's always happy and always happy to help. Julie is truly one of those people that you can't help but love immediately. She is darling and kind and good. I just found out that they lost their full term baby yesterday. She was due today. Yesterday was also her birthday. My heart is broken for this sweet young couple. I don't know what happened and won't know for a while, but feel a need to do something for them. I just don't know what to do. Last month when Mike (katy and Jane's dad) passed away, they brought over cookies and a card to express their sympathy. This is SO much bigger than that and I want to do something, but what. I have never lost a child and have no idea what I can do. Hugging her and saying "sorry you lost your baby" doesn't even begin to express how I'm feeling for her and Bert. I don't know if anyone that will read this has gone through something similar or knows someone that has that they can ask. I just want to know what will they need and how can I help, and is there a small gift that would mean something special that I could get for Julie? I need advice. So please ask around and try to help me know how to handle this and how I can help them. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Hair Update

Well, let's just say that my hair doesn't look like the adorable girl in the picture of my last post a few months ago. It doesn't look like any of the cuts from my pinterest hair board. It's just ugly and I hate it every single day. I actually got it cut about a month or so ago, thinking that it would grow on me/ that I would get used to it. I had about 6 inches cut off at least and bangs added. Not good on either count, not good at all. I cry almost every time I look in the mirror. As my mother has ALWAYS said "hair grows". Yes mother, that is true, but it surely doesn't grow nearly as quickly as I would like it to, like over night. I want the inches back and no bangs. I feel like I look about 5 years older and like a fumpy woman wearing helmet hair. It's bad. Everyone says it isn't, but I know the truth. We all know our own truth about how we really look. It's like when someone tells you you don't actually look fat in those jeans, you know you do. You wouldn't have asked if you didn't already know. The jeans make you look fat and you are trying to believe the horrible lies that everyone is telling you because you really want to believe that you don't look fat or feel fat. But the reality is that my hair is practically hideous. Yes, I can make it look decent and presentable, but I hate it and that's really the bottom line. If I don't feel beautiful with this hair cut, it isn't going to matter one bit what anyone tells me (unless that someone is Thor and he's telling me that he wants to marry me and be with me forever becasue of this hair cut). So, I will grow it back out once again; the vicious cycle continues. I do this all of the time. My hair grows to a decent long length and I get bored with how it looks and cut it, almost this exact same with, but without bangs usually. I tolerate it, but instantly decide that I need to grow it back out. It take a couple of years, and then I do it again! What am I always thinking!? I told the girls that no matter what, DO NOT LET ME CUT MY HAIR OFF AGAIN. I told my sisters and friends, DON"T LET ME DO IT!!!! I look so much better with long hair. Once I reach about 60 though, I'm going for the buzz looked. I think I could actually pull that off as an older woman!  Damn; I really hate hair!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dang this hair!

I'm in no way endorsing the website ideeli, although it does have some great clothes. I am loving this woman's haircut though. I go through these cycles of cutting my hair to a long bob and then growing it out again. It gets long and I can't stand it and cut it again. I haven't actually gotten any hair cut in well over a year and my hair is well past my shoulders. However, it looks stringy and isn't healthy. I know that I look better with shorter hair, but there is something about long hair that I love, or long to have. It's that sexiness that long hair gives a woman. I guess that I've heard for so long that men love long hair and that it's so much more beautiful, that I now believe it. Being single, I obviously feel like I need to do everything I can to attract men. However, seeing that I have had one date in the last year and that was a blind date and he didn't ask me out again, I can safely say, I think, that the long hair is not working. My other issue with having short hair is maintenance. Yes, when I actually have to do my long hair it takes a while. However, last summer I decided to follow years of hair dressers advice and cut back to only washing my hair on Sundays and Wednesdays. It was a very difficult transition to make, but I wanted healthier hair, and since it was summer and I wasnt' working, it was fine. by the end of summer, my hair was just fine with only two washes a week. Now, by Wednesday, my hair still looks pretty clean. It takes about 5 days for my hair to get greasy now (TMI maybe). I shower daily, of course, but only wash my hair twice a week. With long hair you can get away with that because I just get up, shower, and recurl my hair, or pull it back into some amazing braided style. It's easy and quick. Short hair is not like that. You have to get it wet and style it every single day. It doesn't look good unless you do, which then goes back to the greasy part, if you don't wash it one day, it's gets greasy and ugly.  So in the end it's going to add time to my morning schedule, and will it look better; I don't really know. The above style is what I would really love, but let's be honest, a hair dresser did her hair, and it probably doesn't look that amazing every day. Plus, with short hair there is only one thing you can do to it. Not only that, can I pull off a look that is that short and edgy? I have always wanted to, but never been that brave. Am I too old to pull off edgy hair styles? I just don't know. I do know one thing; my hair is pretty long and I am sick of it.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm a new woman!

I don't love birthdays. I never really have. I try really hard to make it a special day for my kids, but I'm not that mom that does big parties or makes a big deal out of birthdays in general. I just wasn't raised that way, and am really busy and stressed most of the time. However, this year was different for me. Last week my mom asked me if we could celebrate my birthday (April 23rd) on Sunday with our sunday dinner. Sure. However, Emily wanted to come and couldn't so we switched it to monday night. It was forcasted to be amazing weather for April 23rd, so I said that I would like a big BBQ and it was done! Monday I was there by 4:30 and by 5 the party was on. Everyone was there, including some good friends that are practically family. We ate more food than should be legal and anyone knowing our family knows that a party isn't a party without a million different desserts. So in DeLong fashion, we had I think 5 or 6 different desserts. My wonderful Sis-in-law drove down to SLC to get a cheesecake that she knows I love and everyone else did something too. I sat and enjoyed all of it. I loved it so much, that all of these people that I enjoy so much are my family and that they all care enough to come and just hang out and eat. It was amazing and the best day ever. Weird!  I loved it. I had the best birthday ever honestly and am so grateful to have such an amazing family. I have a great life. I have so much to be thankful for and am amazed at the life I have been given and all of the blessings that I enjoy. I couldn't ask for much more really.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I joined pinterest about 6 months ago, maybe even longer. I fell in love instantly. I use it daily. However, I'm noticing some things popping up in my life that weren't here before Pinterest.
All of a sudden I feel like I dress like crap, look like crap in general, and need to lose 10 pounds and make more money so that I can dress and look like model above. Hmm. That can't be good.
I have come to the realization that my hair DOES not look like the lady (probably 12 year old) in the above picture. Mine looks more like, well, mine, and that bums me out.
I have stopped cooking actually. Haven't wanted to cook in about 6 weeks because I realize that I am just not that good of a cook and have become apathetic about cooking. It goes back to the feeling fat and ugly part, because if I cook all the food that I see on pinterest, I would be even fatter.
The thought of having that outdoor fireplace is depressing since I will never have it. Pinterest has pointed out to me daily that I teach school, make a whopping $39K/year and most everything I see on that site is grossly out of reach, since yes, I'm not wealthy, or a man.
I have found that I now try different make-up techniques. I wear fake eye lashes to church or out on special occasions. I am unsatisfied with my eyes and feel like they look terrible all of the time. If I could only hire a make up artist every day, or have my face photoshoped before I go out the door. Dang it Pinterest, quit making everyone's faces look so dang perfect!
I'm single! Thank you for pointing it out all of you that are constantly planning weddings. I will not have that for a long time probably and that makes me depressed. I'm alone every single night when I crawl into my bed. When my kids make me crazy or I have to deal with crap like electrical problems, there is no husband to help me; I'm alone. Once again, thanks pinterest.
Back to the $39K/year; I'm poor! I will never be able to afford my dream house. Never. Even when the kids leave, still won't. I will still be poor and still be living in my NOW not so adequate house, that was totally adequate before pinterest came into my life. Now I find that I want to buy a new house; move one to bigger and better. Not good thoughts.
I always felt like I was doing a great job with my kids, then I see all of these posts with all of these ideas of what everyone in the world seems to know about raising children and doing all of these fun things. I just hug them and read them bed time stories. I didn't realize I was doing such an inadequate job before pinterest. Dang, one more thing I need to do better on.
The dream of traveling the world has always illuded me. Now it's pointed out to me daily. A dream I just can't afford :(
Back to the wedding/marriage thing. I'm a failure at marriage and realize it. Even iwthout the husband though, I can't even afford the ring above that I would love to have. Quite frankly, I think the ring is more within my reach than the husband. Thanks again for pointing out my loneliness.
Pinterest has an ENDLESS amount of home improvment ideas out there, and I've pinned a ton of them, just to depress me and point out that not only do I NOT have the time, but I don't have the money to do these projects, or the knowledge. Crap, the list of what I'm inadequate at keeps growing.
I thought my 30 minutes work out each morning at 5am was cutting it until I looked at my body and realized that I'm just not doing enough. I mean really, look at these women's bodies on pinterest, and their work out routines aren't so difficult. With the hundreds to choose from, mine was silly and obviously nothing that worked. So now I realize that not only is my workout not effective, I'm not doing enough because I don't look like that and can't do most of the exercises these women do.

So here's the thing; is this good for me? I've been thinking that I should give it up, say good bye to pinterest, but then I start to panic. Where would I go to store all of the recipes (that I don't make), all the ideas for the dream house that I will never have, the workouts that I will NEVER do, the hair that I will never be able to have, or the ways to make myself a better mom? Where indeed?? Then it hit me, pinterest is like pornography for women! I don't want to give it up; I feel like I can't quit looking at all of the amazing pins, all of which make me feel inadequate in some way or another. Why do I like it if it makes me feel totally and completey inadequate? I don't know! and that frustrates me. Maybe it's hope; hope that I will someday be a better mom, a better housekeeper, a better cook, have more money to buy that dream house, or the ability to build that outdoor fireplace. I just don't know, but I've been very down on everything lately and being trying to figure out why and I really think that pinterest has something to do with it. I loved my house and thought I was amazing a while ago. I was proud of myself for the little workout I do each day at 5 am and thought my hair was looking pretty dang good. I just want to feel that way again, to just be happy that I hug my kids, tell them constantly how much I love them, and sit and hold Sammy each night to read to him before bed and have that be enough. Is there anyone else that feels the same way that I do about pinterest, or am I looking at it all wrong?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Got to love teenagers

I have the hardest time keeping up with who needs what with the girls. It seems like they are always telling me they "need" something, but yet seems like they have a ton of everything. Getting ready for church is always a stress. I get me and Sammy ready, and the girls get themselves ready, usually with minimal drama I might add. Yesterday, not so much the case. Jane came down looking very beautiful, but barefoot asking if I had any shoes she could wear. Ahh, no; they are all too big and have high heels. Then the drama unfolds. She doesn't have any church shoes (of course), she can't find her sandals (of course), and she doesn't have anything to wear on her feet! (of course). It's now 5 minutes til church starts and I tell the girls I will be out in the car waiting. Katy comes out about 2 minutes later and had forgotten her bands for her braces, so runs back in. I tell her to tell Jane we are leaving. katy comes out and Jane pokes her head out to tell me (more like yell at me) that she doesn't have any shoes to wear!!!! So I say "I'm leaving Jane, church has started now, so put some shoes on." She slams the door (she's a HUGE door slammer) and then it opens with her walking out with her running shoes. I knew full well that she expected me to say "Jane, you can't wear those to church, you go in and change those right now." Instead, I just said "great, thanks Jane, let's go". As we drove to church she said "aren't you going to be embarrassed?" I said "heck no, those shoes aren't on my feet." When we got to church she immediatly went into the bathroom and cried. I was stong and stood in the foyer waiting for her. WE finally went in and she sat very still, totally unwilling to show any signs of happiness. After about 45 mintues she leaned over into my shoulder and said "mom, I thought you wouldn't let me go to church in these shoes, I was just trying to make you mad". I said "I know that Jane, and it's unfortunate that in your desire to hurt me, you are the one that has to live with the consequence for the next 2 hours. I love you." and I squeezed her. She wanted to cry, but knew that she was stuck. I wasn't mad. I had never gotten mad over it, so she realized that she was stuck with it and no amount of crying was going to change her shoes. I think that she won't try that trick again. I will admit though, that I was secretly laughing at how silly she looked throughout the entire meeting.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I love my Sammy

A couple of weeks ago I was babysitting my sister Jen's kids. Her youngest is 7 and Sammy adores him and idolizes him quite frankly. He was SO happy to have him to play with for a week. The first night, when Sammy saw that huge bathtub in Jen's bathroom, he wanted a bath, and asked Will if he wanted to have a bath with him. So the two of them get undressed and hop into the bath with excitment. I'm in the bedroom just tidying up and getting things done (I always sit in the bathroom while Sammy bathes, but didn't want Will to be self-conscious since he's a little older) and I hear this:

Will: What's that mark on your neck?
sidenote: Sammy has a large, dark birthmark at the base of the front side of his neck. It's like a huge totally flat mole. He's used to people asking what it is.
Sammy: it's my birthmark
Will: oh, where did you get it

Pause while Sammy thinks....I'm pretty sure nobody has ever asked him that before.

Sammy: well, Jesus gave it to me.

I smiled to myself. I thought that was the cutest response. It wasn't from me, it wasn't from his dad; it was from Jesus, which makes it a gift rather than something to be embarrassed about.

He says the best things and always just makes me smile. I love that kid more than anything.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

girls weekend in Midway :)

I am an excellent driver. I have NEVER been in an accident that was my fault (if you don't count when I was 16 and backed into, kind of over, my sisters RX7). This weekend me and 2 friends decided to head up to Jen's house in Midway for a girls weekend. Couldn't wait to get out of town. Picked up my friends and we headed down the road. Jane was also in the car since I had to take her and meet her dad. Anyway, as we drove down the highway, I noticed next us a pick up truck who's tailgate had fallen open and things were about to fall out. I looked and told my friends to look to see if we should maybe flag them down. Well, that was uneccesary, because as I said that, we felt a HUGE thud and watched a street sign go flying into oncoming traffic. I had veered about 12 inches somehow while looking at this pickup, and of course, just happened to do so at just the right second to hit this sign that was dangerously close to traffic. SEriously, I think I veered like 12 inches, if that. I pulled over when I realized what happened, as did the truck that caused the distraction to begin with. The guy got out and I told him that I was distracted by his tailgate being open. He went up tot eh front of the car with us, saw the damage, closed his tailgate and drove away. Jerk! Anyway, as you can see, a small street sign can do a substantial amount of damage. I was DETERMINED to NOT let it ruin my weekend. After all, we were just heading out of town, so we made sure there was no accident from the sign that I had hit, and since the car was drivable, we just went on. I called the insurance co. and emailed the davis county sherriffs dept. to alert them as to what happened (still haven't heard back from them). So, there's my huge, ugly green machine that I didn't think could get much uglier. I was wrong. It got A LOT uglier. I'm so embarrassed to drive that to school tomorrow. I'm going to go early and drive around back hoping that none of my students see.

And the picture below is what Sammy drew in church last week. I asked him to draw a picture of his dad. he actually did a pretty good job depicting him; HUGE belly and ears, tiny legs, and looking like a monkey/ape.

Friday, January 27, 2012

the sun and the joker

Yesterday I picked Sammy up from my parents house. He's been kind of naughty at preschool, you know, normal 4 year old boy stuff, hitting, pushing, swearing. Yes, swearing (remember his dad has a bad mouth). Anyway, we were talking about it and my mom said something about the devil. I've never really talked about the devil, there isn't any reason to with a 4 year old. Then the conversation moved on, but he knew that the devil was someone that tries to make you be naughty.

So this morning I am driving him to school and this is our conversation:

Me: are you going to have a good day and get a sticker for being so good?

Sammy: Yup, I think I am. But Mommy, I don't like that Joker.

So I'm thinking in my head, what the heck is he talking about when he says

Sammy: he makes us do bad things

I then realize he is talking about the devil and has this on his mind since it was discussed the prior day and he didn't remember it was the devil, so he called him what he thought it was, the joker. In my mind I thought maybe I should correct him, but decided against it.

Me: I don't like him either. He's not very good at all.

Sammy: How is he everywhere to make everyone do bad things?

Me: Well, it's kind of like Jesus, he is everywhere and tries to help people do good things. You jsut can't see them, but they are there.

Sammy: how can they be everywhere?

Me: Well, Jesus is kind of like the sunshine, everyone feels the sunshine.

Sammy: Oh, so Jesus is the sun! (excited, like he finally gets it)

In my mind: do I correct him. No, I think I will just keep talking to him

Me: yeah, Jesus is just like the sun, he touches everyone and is everywhere

Sammy: he makes me feel warm. I love the sun.

As I drove I thought about what sweetness there was in that conversation, and what truth there was in the simplicity. Satan is the master joker, always trying to make us believe that what he is telling us is ok, or right, that it won't hurt anyone. He is just what Sammy called him, the joker. And Jesus, well, quite literally, he is "the Son". Maybe not, the actual SUN, but he is the son of God and does make us feel warm and happy. He is exactly like the sunshine and I'm totally good with Sammy thinking that Jesus is the actual sunshine. If that what helps him understand that Jesus is everywhere and can help us all feel happy and warm, then great. Honestly though, I appreciated the insight from my little boy, not even 5, that simply put things in such a perfect way. Satan the joker, Jesus the sunshine.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Most of you that know me know that I am Clara Boren's granddaughter in that I can't let my house be. I am always redoing something. I don't think I will ever be done redecorating or changing things. It's just the way I'm wired and I don't mind it a bit. I have a beautiful home and I absolutely love it, and love it more with every change I make. The bathroom above is the girls bathroom. When we first moved in I painted it red, yes red. I don't know what I was thinking, but all the other rooms were such subdued colors, I thought I would be bold in there. BIG mistake. I got around to fixing it a few months ago and the results, you can see, are amazing (to me at least). I LOVE this room now and so do the girls. I painted the vanity black, changed out the mirror to a framed mirror, repainted, got a new shower curtain, hung some new artwork, and there you go. For about $100 I redid the entire thing and now love it. It looks fabulous!
The upstairs of my townhouse has three bedrooms; the original master bedroom (no onsuite bath), and two small bedrooms, which should really be walk in closets they are so tiny, and there there is a full bathroom and the laundry closet. Because there isn't a bathroom attached to the master, I had the basement finished to be a small family room and a large master suite, where I sleep. It's been great. Jane has had the original master bedroom, and Katy and Sam have had the other two rooms. Recently the arrangments hasn't been working for a few reasons; the girls have been waking Sammy up at night and in the morning, and I didn't like my treadmill sitting next to my bed. So I came up with an ingenious plan and carried it out the next day of course (with help from others moving things around) The original master bedroom because the new family room, which was in the basement with me. Jane moved from there into Sammy's room, and he was moved into the old family room in the basement, next to me. This way, the treadmill could be moved upstairs into the new family room and Sammy would not get woken up by two very loud teenagers. The above picture and the below picture are Jane's room now, which used to be Sammy's room. I LOVE how it turned out. The stenciled wall was hand painted by me, of course (as if anyone else would be that crazy), and I made the window treatment and bedskirt to match the dresser. I absolutely am crazy about it and the only left to do is to get a new light fixture.
The is the same bedroom as above, just before I changed it to Jane's room. So it's a before and after. I like the after, although the before, when it was Sammy's room was good too :)
Below is Jane's original room, which is now the family room. I painted the tree on the wall, and want to keep that, so I'm not going to repaint the now family room.
Below is the room now, as a family room. It's so great to have that room upstairs with the girls and the treadmill up there. I just drag my tired body up there every morning at 5am and do my thing, and hate it every single day!
I was going to have a picture of Sammy's room now, but I am washing his sheets, so it's not exactly put together. Something for later I suppose.
On the docket is also repainting the 1/2 bath and doing a antiqued gold stencil in there. I know it will be worth posting and will do it as soon as I can. Time is not something I have a lot of, so when I get around to it, I will post it.

I love my house. It isn't as huge as I would like, but you know what, I love it and it works great for me and my three blossoms :)

lets see if I can remember how to post something

I had all the kids at home this christmas and it was great. We had a really nice christmas. I shop all year for christmas and when I get everything out, always realize that I have over done it, But since I'm a bargain shopper and get EVERYTHING on sale or clearance throughout the year, I think I can justify it.
This is SO Katy. This is her excited look :)
Sammy was thrilled with a new bike that is a big boy bike!
Christmas Eve in their new Jammies