Wednesday, November 30, 2011

One of these things is not like the other

While the kids were gone over thanksgiving weekend, I put up the tree and a few other decorations. While in Africa, my parents got us all a nativity set that was carved and is beautiful. I put it on the coffee table every year, and it alone (ok, there is a small stack of christmas books there too). When Grandma Dearie moved into a new nursing home, most of her belongings had to be given away or taken. When she was in Africa visiting my parents she got some animals carved out of similar wood, one of them was a baboon. For some reason, Sammy latched onto this baboon and it was given to him. He plays with it, and loves it, but is sure it is anything other than a monkey.

So, he comes home and sees the manger scene Sunday night and he says "where is the other camel" and runs into the kitchen to look through toy box and comes running back into the front room; camel in hand. Except it isn't a camel. Who knew there was a giant BABOON at the birth of Christ that holy night? And so the Baboon has remained there and will remain there all season.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I have wanted to go to the Redwood Forest all my life. Visiting Muir Woods a few years ago confirmed that that is a dream I have and will not die without seeing them and loving every second of it. So, I'm going, with the kids of course. I'm going to start planning a trip right now for next summer and would love to have anyone join me that would like to for some or all of the trip. I know that you are all lucky enough to have husbands that work, and they can't take a lot of time off, but you are able to do things without your husband, and it's still fun. I'm planning on beign gone for at least two weeks. If you can join me for just a few days or a whole week, or the entire time, I would love it. I found a map called "the best of the Redwood Coast", 25 great things to see and do in Humboldt county and I'm doing them; ALL of them. Ok, most of them. Believe me, it's a long drive to get there and an even longer drive home. I hate driving and road trips, but seeing as this is one of my life long dreams, I'm doing it and going to suck it up and make the drive! So I'm going to start saving right now (maybe next month) so that I have a good chunk of change to spend and not have to eat off the 99 cent menu every meal of every day; blah. I am going to camp, at campgrounds with showers, but I'm planning on camping in the redwood forest, so it's a camping trip. If you are interseted in seeing what types of daily activities I'm going to do, here is a link to the map and list of things to do that I"m planning on doing: It's going to be awsome. I don't know exactly when I am going to go. Probably in July. Let me know if you are interested in joining me for some or all of this adventure. And I would love to have anyone, even if you aren't family, technically speaking :)