Monday, October 31, 2011

I love this girl

This is Jane and her best friend Kenzie. They love each other :) Kenzie spends almost every day at our house and has become part of our family. But that isn't what this post is about. It's about Jane. I LOVE Jane. She makes me smile all of the time and makes me laugh a lot of the time. Sunday was the primary program in our ward. Katy had been prepping Sammy to give a whiz bang performance. They asked each sunbeam to tell what they loved about the creation, and his line was "family". Easy enough. Well, Katy taught him to say "I love my family, except Jane, she's an L7 Weanie (from sandlot)". No matter how I chastised her for teaching him to say that, he kept saying it. That or "jane's a square". As luck would have it, Casey's birthday was on Sunday and insisted on having Sammy and taking him hunting. I was secretly relieved. Again, I diverge from the point. Jane was to introduce the entire theme for the primary and had written her own part after saying the theme. We went over it and over it, as she was asked to have it memorized. She knew it so well and I was certain of it. In the back of my mind there was that little devil saying "give her a notecard with her part on it", and I kept thinking "no, then she will read it. She can do it, and if she forgets, she will improvise and it will be great". Here is what she said:

"The theme for primary this year is the scriptures are the word of God. The scriptures are important to me because they help people all over the world with their testimonies, and they have helped me with mine also. They provide guidance and comfort, and they..........oh crap........I forgot my part....... this is so embarrassing.......I guess I will just be done." and she turns and walks away and sits down.

I have to admit that it was HYSTERICAL!!! The guy in front of me, in between laughing tells me this is so far the best primary program EVER! The entire congregation was laughing and it was very funny. It was hard not to laugh. I mean who says "oh crap" in church in front of everyone. It was a packed house, the entire ward was there with every family member they could dredge up. She just smiled and went and sat down.

The person in me just laughed, cause it was humorous, but the mom in me wanted to sweep her up in my arms, tell her that she would laugh about it in a week and for her entire life and comfort the pain that I knew she was in. I know Jane, and I knew that she was mortified with herself and doing everything she possibly could, sitting there, to keep the tears from welling up and running down her face. I wanted to make her realize that it just didn't matter, but every time I thought about it, I started to chuckle. After the meeting was over she basically ran over to me, and I could see in her face that she just wanted to disappear, and I couldn't blame her for that. We decided to skip the rest church and go home and snuggle on the couch to a good movie (the other side of heaven). It was a good choice. Katy was at her dad's, Sammy was with Casey, and it was just me and Jane; the girl I love almost more than life itself.

Good thing Sammy wasn't there to tell everyone that Jane is an L7 Weanie! I think I would have been asked to never be part of the primary program or any other program again.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

I'm trying to post more :)

I'm the queen of doing projects around my house, and love it. I find it really relaxing honestly to sit and paint something. The problem is that after the whole thing is done I think to myself "self, why didn't you remember to take a before picture". I always forget that part, and am bummed. This week has been a nightmare to be honest with you. I've been SO busy and haven't had a day to just sit and breath, or even clean the house, and today (saturday) was scheduled to help Jane make cinnamon rolls that she sells to make spending money. It takes a lot of work, but I'm happy to help so that she has spending money for the holidays. Anyway, I have had this little tiny coffee table next to my couch. It has followed me around for the last 10 years or so. I've never loved it, but never hated it either. It's just been a good size cause it doesn't take up much room. I've actually never given it much thought to be honest. But lately I have felt like I need some bold colors sprinkled around my house. My home is very serene as far as the colors go and I like it that way. I do have very small splashes of red in my front room, and am starting to try to get some red in my kitchen/dining room now too and am loving it. At the parade of homes this last summer I saw a dresser that I fell in love with. I loved the color of it, and decided to try to paint my little end table in the front room to match it. So I ran to the hardware store to get paint, and found something that I thought was the right color and came home. Driving home I kept telling myself to remember to take the before picture. I forgot and realized that 1/2 way through. Luckily I have pictures of my entire house in case there is a fire or something and I need documentation that I actually have nice stuff. Anyway, here is the dresser that I LOVE and that inspired me.The picture below doesn't look like the color that it really is at all. The lighting is a little off, or maybe I just chose a really off color. None the less, the is the picture of the little table after the paint went on.

HEre is a picture of the little table after I put an antiqueing glaze all over it and sanded the edges. I am really happy with how it turned out. The color isn't quite as green as the dresser, but I actually love the color it turned out to be better than the dresser. It adds a great pop of color to my front room.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Will my house ever just be done?

This was my piano that I got for free. Jen's neighbor was giving it away, and so I spent about $150 getting it tuned and fixed up. However, I never played it and the kids don't play. I didn't play it because it just isn't a great piano and so keys stuck and it was frustrating. So, I decided that as pretty as it was, I wasn't in love with it.

Anyone that knows me very well knows where I spend my discretionary income (oh wait, I don't have extra money, it's more like where I spend my grocery money); on furniture and home decor. I LOVE interior design and wanted to major in it until my parents told me that I wouldn't be able to pay the bills. They were probably right .However, my real love is not teaching, it's interior design, and I'm actually pretty good at what I have to work with. It's a never ending project and sometimes I stand back and just say to myself "wow, I can't believe that I just did that". I may not paint beautiful masterpieces, or sew amazing quilts. I may not even be able to make a great chicken (walmart does it for me), but if there is one thing I can do, it's create a masterpiece within the walls of my home. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

So, I decided to sell the piano since nobody was playing it. I listed it on KSL for $200 and sold it the same day. They came a week later and off it went. That was on Saturday. Originally I decided to move a beautiful white shelf down there to be put in it's place. Got it down there from jane's room and hated it. It was way out of scale for the space and the light color just didn't work. So, loaded the kids in the car and off I went on a search. I had a budget of $200 and didn't know what I was looking for. Downeast was having it's anniversary sale, everything in the entire store was 20% off; great deal. I looked and looked and found a lot of pieces that I like, not loved, and none that fit in my budget. Walking out I stopped to look at the halloween stuff on a table, and low and behold, the table was on sale. It was perfect, but it was $279. With the sale, it was about $220. I went to a few other stores and was torn. Did I really want to spend the money on this table when I wasn't exactly sure it was what I wanted? Well, my passion for interior design beat out logic and I came home with the table, after going $30 over my budget. Not too bad I guess. Katy is my moving furniture buddy, and she helped me get it in place and I began to work my magic. Below you can see the result of my day. I had a large lantern that I found on clearance for $20 sitting around, and got it hung, and I have to say, i just love the results. I smile every time I walk in the kitchen.

The mirrors were already above the piano and there are HUGE anchors holding them up, so I didn't want to move them. I had the black frames with kids photos already sitting in a stack with nowhere to hang them, so I made what I had work. All the decor on the table was stuff I had already, so I spent nothing on finishing the project. The only expense was the table, and it was only $30 out of pocket after the piano sale.
I do want a new centerpiece for the table, and this table in ANCIENT. It was a lovely oak table that I got while I was going through my divorce with Mike (11 years ago). I painted it black and it was the craft table for the kids until I needed an actual dining room table. I love the table, and love that the kids can ding it all they want and I don't care. Eventually I would love to get a really beautiful table and chairs, but it's not on the list since I have kids that would destroy it! But the centerpiece is on the list of purchases that will be happening.
All in all, I love how it turned out and I'm so happy with how my house continues to evolve. I'm me, what can I say, I am Clara Boren's grand daughter, always making home improvements, and I'm so grateful that I have the talent of making my home look like it does. I know it's not everyone's taste, but it's mine and I love it. I smile every time I walk in the house (as long as it's clean) and am so proud of what I have provided and done. My life is pretty good and it's great when a $200 purchase can make someone this happy! Now if I can just figure out how to round up $300 to take the kids camping this weekend that would be great.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm not all that crafty!

Who knew you could make something so cute with candy corns and styrofoam wreaths :)

I go over to other peoples houses and admire what they can make cause I just don't have the crafty talent. And typically, other than Christmas, I don't really decorate much. When it comes to christmas, my house is decked out! This year I decided that I wanted more, that I needed a little more, and that I wanted to make things. So Melissa (sis-in-law) had a craft day during conference on Saturday. I gladly went, and made the most adorable wreath, that is now hanging on my front door, and decoupaged some of the pumpkins you see in the pictures. I LOVE them. However, Melissa and our good friend Angie, were working on adorable witch boots. I wanted some, so we schedule another craft day and you can see what I made. Not only did I make two witches boots, but I managed to make a BOO also. I even covered some creepy bugs with glitter and stuck them on; oh my heck, what is becoming of me!!!? The kids are pretty happy that I have decided that there are other holidays to decorate for other than christmas! You never know, I may even decide to decorate for Thanksgiving!