Wednesday, September 28, 2011

There are about three blogs that I check daily, no make that 4; my three couponing sites, which are checked probably 12 times throughout my work day just to see if there are any fabulous deals that I can use for christmas. I check a lot cause when they are posted, the world knows and they disappear VERY fast! I also jump on free samples as soon as I find out about them and get the best things in the mail, often, like daily. I love free things! Anyway, the other blogs I check almost daily are Marian, my cousin, her sister Jessica, and then my other cousin Alyson. Why do I check just those you ask? Simple, they post things! Marian posts things daily and I LOVE it. I really enjoy reading about her life. I love reading about Jessica's travels around the east coast with her adorable little family, and I love reading about Alyson's kids and all of their many accidents :) They don't seem to be the luckiest bunch of kids when it comes to accidents.

Anyway, I was thinking, nobody checks my blog, why? That's why; I don't post things regularly and the things I do post, well let's just be honest, they aren't really that interesting. I do my blogging at work (maybe I shouldn't admit that) when I just don't want to grade papers and my students are working on an assignment, so I don't have my pictures, and I don't have funny stories to tell. It's work after all. However I'm sure that I could do better posting things and that if I actually did post things maybe people would be interested in my little life, just maybe. And if not, well, I don't post for anyone really, just me.

I do have a great life, full of fun and stress. For example, 3 weeks ago my best friend Claire (single and 38 also, but way prettier than me and never married) went all the way to St. George for this singles conference. We HATE stuff like that, but thought, "what the heck, you never know, we are going to actually be positive and try to be somewhat proactive in finding a spouse." So off to St. George we went. We got up Saturday morning and spent a good long time, way longer than normal, getting ready. I mean after all, there just might be someone worth looking good for. WRONG!!! We drove to the location of the opening meeting that morning and inside was a huge group of OLD people!!! Seriously old, not just old like me, but like Grandma Dearrie old! We even asked if we were at the right place, yup! We were pretty upset and went to the outlets and drown our sorrows in shopping and buying completely unneccesary items and then went and laid by the pool. Overall we had a great time, but what a let down! So that was something. I should have taken a picture of the group of them. The funny thing is that there were activities like "watermelon toss" and hikes and things like that. Did they have an abulance standing by?

Then the weekend after that I loaded up the kids, all three of them and headed up to my favorite place, Pineview Reservior for a comping weekend. I have purchased a tent trailer and it was our first time using it and we LOVED LOVED LOVED it!!! I can't even tell you how much fun we had. It was great watching the kids just run and play and enjoy each other and to just camp. I have missed it. Not only that, but in the site next to us there were a bunch of arabians, litteraly! They were a group of about 20 young men from Saudi Arabi. When they started pulling out bags of veggies I just ahd to walk over to see what they were up to. They were SO friendly and told me that at the moment they were chopping the lamb, THAT THEY HAD JUST KILLED!!! and were going to be cooking it with all the veggies. Later that night they brought some over. It was super spicy, but I could tell it would have been something super good if I had liked spicy food.

Last weekend I took the same little tent trailer, my two best friends, Claire and Brooke, and we headed back up to Pineview for a weekend of relaxation and just plain laughing fun, which we did so much of. In fact, Saturday night guess who showed up in the campspot accross from us; the arabians! I couldn't believe it. I walked right over and was greeted with hugs and kisses from them, because of course they recognized me, and this time, they invited us to stay and join them. So we all sat on the blanket, after removing our shoes of corse, and drank tea with them while they all smoked something horrible (we said no thanks to the smoking part of all of this) and listened to them play arabian drums and some sort of fabulous guitar. It was amazing! They killed and chopped TWO lambs for this weekends party, so we were in luck. When it was done, they set out two HUGE plates, like 2 feet across, down on the blanket and they all dove in. There they were, just kneeling and literally digging in with their right hand only (it was pointed out that the left hand is used for other "dirty" things, so they don't ever use it to eat). There were no forks, but I went and got one, cause as I found out, eating rice and meat and veggies with my hand doesn't work well. I couldn't do it, but my friends were both willing to try the tongue and the brain. I just couldn't do it! Dissecting them is too much for me, and I have NO desire to eat them. We ended the night with hugs and kisses and walked away feeling like we had jsut had the most fun we had had in weeks. It truly was an amazing time.

So I guess that I do have fun, I just don't share it. I never take pictures, so I don't have pictures to share, cause I just suck at taking pictures, but I need to do better. I do have an interesting life I guess and maybe some of you enjoy reading about it.

On another note, I am still getting up every single day at 5 am, running for 15 minutes, doing squats while lifting weights, and doing 500 crunches. My belly is starting to look pretty good :) I'm super proud of myself; it's now 3 months solid that I have been exercising every single day but sunday, or when I'm out of town. My pants just keep getting looser and I am eating just about what I want, but still trying to eat a much healthier diet. I'm loving it!