Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I'm literally going insane. I have been sitting on the bathroom floor for over 3 hours. You see, I am attempting to potty train Sammy; he will be 4 in November. I have tried what I consider to be EVERYTHING!!!!!. Yesterday was my first full day off for the summer and I started with 2 hours of him freaking out, screaming because the diaper monster came and took his diapers and he had to wear underwear. I didn't make him put them on and he went naked for about 30 minutes before putting them on to cover himself. We went to the gas station and I bought him a 32 oz. diet coke and an ice cream bar. He drank about 1/2 of it. Nothing; no pee. Finally at about 1 it was "quiet time". He was exhausted and I needed some time without going into the bathroom every 5 minutes, or less. I put a pull-up on him and he went up to his room to watch a movie. He came down a few minutes late cuase he peed and wanted a change of pull-up. Fine. 10 minutes later, same thing. After quiet time we went to my parents house. Isabelle (my niece) and he come walking through the back yard gate with the pants down. They said that they peed in the yard; sam's idea no doubt. She said he really did pee; progress! Even if it was in the grass. Then she said they went in the bathroom and he really peed. I was feeling good, but very skeptical. Bedtime, still hadn't seen any pee in the potty or poop, but the pants had stayed dry. I kept him up til 8, put him in a diaper and off to bed.

This morning, heavy pee-laden diaper! Not too surprised. Into the shower we went and his undies when back on. We were in and out of the bathroom every few minutes with NO success. we went to my parents house and about 30 minutes after getting there he peed his pants. No biggie. We went home a little later and I was bound and determined to get him to go potty on the toilet! I moved my computer into the bathroom since he was saying he wanted to pee every 3 minutes, literally. It's been hours, more than 3 to be exact. He has made hundreds of attempts with NO success. He needs to poop. He keeps saying he needs to poop and pee, but he can't actually go.

I have been trying to do this since christmas. I have tried froot loops in the water to aim. I have tried prizes and stickers. I have tried to bribe him with a trip to Boondocks. I have tried telling him about a party that we will have. I have tried even putting food coloring in the toilet to see if that would get him interested. He has just sat for minutes and minutes "waiting", and still nothing. I know he has to poop, and I know he has to pee. He has been drinking water all morning, literally about 32 oz. of it. I won't let him have quiet time today because he will fall asleep and then pee his pants, and I don't want to put a pull up on him cause I know that he will just unload the second I do. My butt hurts from sitting on the bathroom floor. I'm losing my temper. I'm hungry and tired of eating snacks. I'm irritated that he won't just go! I just want to have this child potty trained. I'm starting to think that there is something medically wrong with him that he can't just release his urine! I'm seriously going insane and would LOVE anyone's ideas or advice. Please help me. There are no charts I haven't tried, no prizes or candy I haven't offered; they don't work with the worlds most stubborn child!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ok, maybe the body can do amazing things, but it sure won't look good doing it!

I like to look at this picture and compare it to a wax figure melting in the sun! Look at the jowls I didn't even know I had melting down my face under complete and total physical diress. Wow! I couldn't believe how HORRIBLE this picture was. This is the shot that the company that takes these, blows up to life size and makes fun of for the year. I thought I was kind of cute before seeing this picture; not so anymore. I now realize that I look even worse than I felt while running. Well, we can't all look fabulous while pushing our bodies beyond the limit they are physically used to now can we. But hey, if I'm going to look like the melting wax lady, we should all get a good laugh out of it :)

After publishing this, the picture won't get any bigger, dang! Well, if you want to see the full horror in all it's glory (which will convince you to never run 8 miles without training, or put a wax figure in the sun with jowls), you can go to zazoosh and the bib number is 9153! You'll get to see all of us in our glory. Believe me, nobody looks as badly as me! Not even close.