Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a funny story

Well, I'm not sure how funny this is. Actually, nothing is ever funny if I tell it. If Renee tells it, it's hilarious. She just makes every story so much better. No matter how I try, I just can't tell a story to save my life. First of all, I foget everything that ever happens, and second, nothing really funny ever happens. However, the story I'm going to tell is funny if Renee tells it, and she is part of it.

When I had some plastic surgery about 7 years ago I was laid up in bed (I had a couple of procedures and was in a lot of pain). I was single and living at my parents house. They had brought a tv into my room so that I could watch movies. I was on pain killers for obvious reasons, and Renee was also living there, so she did a lot of the babysitting of me during that time. Fast forward a couple of years. We are sitting together, as a family, talking about movies and the movie zoolander was brought up and I say "oh, I've never seen that movie". Renee looks at me like I am crazy and says "yes you have, you watched it over and over when you had plastic surgery". You also yelled at me a lot to make you scrambled eggs. I honestly have NO recollection of watching zoolander even once, let alone over and over. She said taht every time she asked what I wanted to watch, it was zoolander and that I wanted scrambled eggs.

I watched zoolander finally, and don't even like it. Why I wanted to watch it over and over is beyond me. She still teases me about that. Every time someone brings up zoolander, we look at each otehr and I say "I've never seen that before" and we laugh. It's funny to us, but I'm srue you read that story and don't see the humor at all. I told you. If Renee was telling it, you would be on the floor rolling in laughter.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Some of my favorite photos

This was a trip I took with my two friends (also single) to Las Vegas in February. We went to the wax museum and loved it. It was the highlight of our trip.
I love this picture of Jane and her cousin Elisabeth. We were up at my sisters house in midway.
Casey had me do pictures with Sammy when he was two weeks old. I'm SO glad that he encouraged me to do this. I LOVE the pictures and they are a treasure to me now. This is one of my favorites and shows how content I was in my life at the time, and just how grateful I was for Sammy and to be a mother.
This is just Sammy. Thumb in mouth, blanket to nose. So Sammy.
What can I say. It's just me trying to look younger than my 37 years old. I think I pulled it off that day.
I love how this image captures the sweetness and beauty of Jane. She is one of the kindest people I know.
Sammy being caught doing something mischievous. I love this picture.
The reason I have this one is because of how well it captures Kate's personality. Anyone that knows her knows that this is her to a tee!
Just a cute pictures of me holding Sammy while he is loving me.
This was two christmas's ago. Sammy was wearing his little backpack and got this basketball standard for a gift. He figured out that he could hang it on his backpack and make the basket every time. Clever little fellow :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

My day in detail!

5:30 alarm goes off and I am jolted out of sleep 5:35 morning prayer, turn on lamp, sit on edge of bed wondering if I will make it today 5:40 shower 5:45 get out of shower, still wondering if I am going to make it and force myself to get ready in this exact order: *towel on head, robe on *brush and floss *take my medication *lotion on body *moisturizer on face *deodorant *hair products on *blow dry hair *get dressed *straiten hair *put on the small amount of make-up I do wear 6:12 walk up the stairs, but first turn off lamp, get cell phone, tell myself that tomorrow I will actually make the bed, and find some shoes 6:15 let the dog out to pee 6:17 go wake up Sammy and get his clothes, again telling myself I will start making his bed tomorrow 6:20 turn on Dora and hold Sammy on the couch 6:30 make toast and orange juice for me and Sammy to eat while watching Dora, put diet coke in my purse, make a pb&j for my lunch, and put some sort of fruit in my purse for a snack 6:40 get sammy dressed while watching Dora and eating toast 6:50 walk out the door, carrying Sammy, his blanky, and my purse. 6:52 pull out of the garage 6:56 drop Sammy off at the babysitter 7:10 get to work and hope that I have something planned, which I usually do. 7:25 bell rings and students pour in 7:30-2:20 a combination of teaching and babysitting while I try to do some banking and personal things like blogging :) 2:20-2:40 try to keep busy when all I really want to do is go home, but have to stay since it's Contract time. 2:43 walk out to my car 2:45 drive away from work, thankful it's done, going through a mental list of what I still need to do 3:00 pick up Sammy from the babysitter 3:15 go to parents house for tea time (argentine, remember) 4:00 rush home and get upset because the house is a wreck 4:15 do the dishes that didn't seem to get done the night before 4:30 sit down and play with Sammy for a little while, while trying to figure out what to make for dinner 4:30-5:00 playing with Sammy or furiously cleaning the house so I don't lose it 5:00 start dinner of some sort 5:30 eat dinner and listen to someone complain about dishes 6:00 usually do some laundry or some housework 6:30 start to get Sammy ready for bed, bathe him and that sort of thing 7:00 take Sammy up to bed, call his Daddy so he can say good night, read him a story, say bedtime prayers, snuggle for a couple of minutes and kiss him good night. 7:15 fall onto the couch totally exausted, thinking about what needs to still be done 7:30 at this point I am usually folding laundry and cleaning up the front room so I can try to relax. 8:00 I watch tv at this point just trying to unwind, the whole time thinking about how much needs to be done and what I SHOULD be doing. During commercials I hop up the stairs for exercise and run down them, barefoot and in whatever I'm wearing. I can only hop up them 3 times in a row. It's very difficult. 8:30 beg Jane to play with my hair while watching tv. She does it about 1/2 the time. 9:00 I am pretty much done at this point and can't keep my eyes open, so I head downstairs to my room 9:00-9:15 brush teeth and get ready for bed, still telling myself that tomorrow I will make my bed and pick up the clothes that lie at the foot of my bed 9:30 I'm usually asleep or at least the lights are out and I'm in bed. My days are exausting, even just thinking about them. There is always one day a week that I stop in the grocery store on teh way home from work to get dinner for the week, and when it's nice out, I take the dog and Sammy on a walk after getting home from my parents house. The laundry never ever gets done, and the house is always messy. My bed only gets made about once a week, if that, and that's just ok. I get a dinner on the table each night, even if it's pancakes. My life will be a lot less hectic once my masters degree is done; IN THREE WEEKS!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 18: my dream house(s)

I've never been a "want a huge house" kind of a girl. I just want a realistic size home, you know, like 5000 square feet :) Anyway, the pictures I have here are of homes that I would love to build one day. I would love to build one of them in about 5 years. I may be actually be able to afford to build my dream home so that my kids have all this lovely room, when they move out. Great! I love craftsman style homes, with a cottage type feel. I love how both of these houses look, however house number one is my preference because I LOVE to sit on the front porch. I live on my front porch during the summer. I really do spend hours out there, so I would miss a front porch.