Thursday, January 27, 2011

I think I may be going crazy

I am blogging about this because it is probably the only way that I will actually follow through with it! Anyone that knows me knows that there are a few things that I just don't do, or really want to do. One of them is exercise. I also hate bees, bears, bridges, and earthquakes, but that's beside the point. I will be the first to admit that life is just not fair when it comes to women and their bodies. Some of us can be thin without much effort (and a little lipo here and there) and then there is the majority of women that have to watch what they eat, exercise, and are still a lot larger than they would like to be. As much as I am grateful that I'm relatively thin, I do have sausage arms. You know, the ones that look like ugly sausages and flap in the wind when you hold your arms up. You know the ones, the ones old women have. They are really ugly adn I have them. However, I have never really hated them enough to actually do something to fix them. I hate that my rear end sags a lot lower than it did when I was 20, but it does. But you know what I'm hating more than the disgust of my arms and my rear end, the way I feel old and tired. I'm 37 and I can't go up a flight of stairs quickly without feeling like I'm going to die. Most people don't feel that way unless they run about, oh 26 miles! Not me, I hate going up the stairs cause I get totally winded.

Well, last year Renee had this ingenious idea to do a marathon, the ogden marathon, and to do the relay as a family. At first I opted out since my last running experience wasn't exactly as Jen said it should be, where you may not totally enjoy the run, but you love the feeling of accomplishment (NOT). Anyway, Lisa was going to be the 5th person, and I would make sure everyone was properly hydrated. She called later and said she couldn't do it. That left me. I agreed as long as I could choose the leg I ran. I chose a 5 mile run that is down one of the most beautiful canyons in Utah. Now it's getting closer. It's in May and I'm committed. I payed and everything. I haven't run, or even really walked for that matter all winter, or really since May of 2009. Scary. So last week I told myself that starting Monday I would get up at 5, brave the cold, and start training. Who was I kidding? I did get up, and as soon as my body left the warm cacoon of my bed, I convinced myself that it would probably be unhealthly to run in weather that cold, and climbed back in bed for another 30 minutes. Tuesday I got online and bought a used treadmill, which we are getting down to the basement today (ugg). I also bought a bike. Yes, you read it correctly, a bike, and am going on a swim Saturday morning with Renee. You see, I figure that if I'm actually going to do this, I may as well do a triathalon. Maybe not a full one, well, definetly not a full one, but I think I'll do a mini one. Why the heck not. So, tomorrow morning it starts. I will get up at 5am and run, on a treadmill, in my room, with the tv on and probably in my underwear and tenni-shoes (good look, I know). Saturday I will swim and when it's warm enough I will actually ride my bike a few miles. I'm looking for a bike trailer so that I can haul Sammy, who is SUPER excited about that. I'm sure, who wouldn't be excited about a luxurious ride in a comfy trailer with a blanket, food, drink, and someone pulling you?

So, I haven't done anything yet, but now that I've written about it, well, there is a certain level of commitment. I mean really, how embarrassed would I be if I didn't do it now? I may not lose the sausage butterfly arms, and my rear end may not revert back to it's 16-year old form (actually I'm sure it won't), but hopefully I will feel better, have more energy, and be able to climb the stairs without feeling like I've just run a freakin marathon!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I have this square coffee table in my front room. I LOVE it and have had it for probably 10 years and it has been one of the best purchases I have ever made in a piece of furniture. The best thing about it is that the kids can't scuff it up. It's awesome. However, it's really big and very difficult to find something to put on it. It's too big to have it empty, and magazines,books, or remotes make it look messy. So today I had had it! I have been looking for floral arrangments that are large and low-lying forever. So off to Hobby Lobby I went. I found a tray on clearance that was the right size and bought some flowers, praying I could make it work. Work I think it did! I LOVE it and it's perfect for this room. I'm proud of myself for making something so beautiful. Now I get to look forward to the kids tearing it apart when they get home from their dads. Great.