Sunday, November 7, 2010

Last month was so good!

I don't make enough posts, but life just gets busy. So I decided to add some pictures from this last month.
A friend took some pictures of me. I realized that all the pictures I have are of the kids or me with slobber, food, or some other unwanted object smeared all over my face. Not so attractive.
Jane and her friend (in red and black) on halloween night. I think she is the cutest witch ever. I'm not sure what her friend is.
Well, I finally realized that Katy was a teenager. She turned 13 on Oct. 26th and I needed some serious leverage. So what does every 13 year old girl pine away for - a phone! I finally broke down and realized that not only did I need the leverage to use against her (how horrible am I), but I wanted the convenience of being able to reach her any time I wanted! I even made her sign a 3-page contract before she got her phone. It's worked so great and she loves it. We went to dinner and celebrated as a family. It was a lot of fun!
Mike (the girls dad) and his wife Beth joined us (I know, I'm an amazing ex-wife for making sure they are included). So that's their step-mom in that picture. I thought I was uploading a different picture. Oh well, now you can all see what a bad boob job looks like compared to a good one (and you know who has the good one).