Sunday, September 19, 2010

I know, I know, I'm a finatic (did I spell that wrong)

Anyone that knows me knows that I'm seriously crazy when it comes to my house. I should have been an interior designer, my true love and desire, but wanted to have a job instead! So, I choose to spend money on jeans and my house. I can't stand it when I finally get to a room, to decorate that is, and when all is said and done something is off. It doesn't happen very often becuase I can just see the room in my head and make it appear the way I want with a whole lot of work and a nominal amount of money. I'm really good at finding great deals, making inexpensive items look great, and putting my vision into reality. Once in a while though, there is just something wrong when I get done, and typically it's because I did something that one of the kids wanted.

It's kind of like decorating my christmas tree - when the kids have all gone to bed, or are at their dads, I rearrange the whole thing and do it "right". I hate that side of myself, but my christmas tree is AMAZING!!! Tangent, sorry!

So, I did Kate's room about a month ago. When we moved in she got to have a new bed and wanted a day bed. A friend of hers had one adn she just had to have one too. I hate them personally for the most part, but hey, it was her room and she is old enough to know what she wants right? WRONG. I bought the day bed of my choosing, which was a beautiful black iron pottery barn day bed I found at Downeast Home. It was fine. I bought the quilt of her choosing (which is also pottery barn from downeast that I never loved). She loves bright colors, I love muted soft colors. We have totally different taste. So to work I went and chose paint to match her quilt and did an amazing paint job. I loved the paint job, but when all was done, I hated the room and couldn't figure out why. Then it hit me, it's the bed. Once I realized it, I couldn't stand it and it was eating me alive. I know - a little psycho!

So to I went in search of what my vision was and I finally found it; a beautiful antique white and brass iron twin bed that looks like it has been drug across the plains! The second I saw it at this lady's house I knew it would be perfect. Luckily she just lived 10 minutes from me. It was meant to be. So, I spent the afternoon dismantaling the daybed, got it posted on KSL to sell, and went to work.

When it was all done and complete I stood back in awe of my work. I LOVE it and hope that she does too. She is at her dad's this weekend, so it gave me all the time to get it done the way I want, without her saying a word. I'm telling you, the picture is beautiful, but it is so much better in person. I don't love the dresser, but it's fine. I don't love all the stuff that Katy insists on having on the dresser either, but lets face it, she's almost 13 and I can't very well control that much of her life any longer. I can live with organized clutter I suppose.

So, I was right, the day bed was a poor choice and my choice was ideal. I LOVE her room now and just hope that at some point she will figure out how to actually keep it clean so it always looks as lovely as it does in the above picture!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I need the advice of an attorney!

Ok, so I am really upset and frustrated. I have been wanting to incorporate exercise into my daily routine, which that alone is really hard to do. Anyway, last week, I got the valpak mailer, which includes so many coupons/deals, etc. that usually all end up in the trash. Not this time my friend! There is was, my golden ticket and answer to my exercise dilemna; a coupon for Lady Fitness for only $18/mo, and 3 mo. free. WOW!! I even read the ENTIRE coupon to make sure that I wasn't missing any fine print. Nope, no fine print about anything other than an expiration date. So my friend and I head over there this evening and I show them the coupon. They show us around the gym and then it comes! The catch. To get the $18/mo you have to sign a 3 yr. contract. WHAT! So I do what I do when I feel like something is wrong and tell them that the coupon does not say that there is a contract to sign to get that price anywhere, of course nicely, and that I expect them to honor the coupon. They of course won't and try to tell me that on coupons you have to call for details, but the number for some reason this time it was printed didn't get put on there with the phrase "call for details", but that they still stand by that the coupon doesn't have to say that the price is only good if you sign a three year contract and that we will need to sign the contract if we want that price. So, I told them that I felt that it was really wrong and that I was really disappointed, and that we were leaving, and we left.

So here's the thing, am I wrong? If I'm wrong I will drop it and not be upset or push the issue, if I'm not wrong though, I want them to honor the coupon. I think that legally, they cannot offer a price and then not honor the coupon unless you sign a contract when it doesn't say anything like that anywhere! I don't know an attorney that I could call and ask them this very important question, so I need anyone's expertese that can offer it - is this legal? I won't let it drop until I find out if it's legal and if it isn't, they WILL honor the coupon. They sent the coupon to the wrong person cause I WILL NOT sign a contract and I absolutely expect them to honor the coupon and will push it until I'm either told that they don't have to, or they honor the coupon!