Sunday, April 25, 2010

Maybe I finally have made it in this world!

Before is above and below is after

For those of you that don't know, I recently purchased and moved into a townhome. It's a whopping 10 minute walk from my parents house. Any of you that know me well, know that I am not content in my own home unless is perfect and fits the picture that I have in my imagination of what it should look like. So, I have repainted the entire main floor and part of the upstairs, and have done a lot of work. The sellers were finishing the basement into a master bedroom suite, and I told them not to bother getting a formica top for the vanity, that I was just going to use granite. So, I had the granite people come and asked them about remnants. Well, it turns out that it was such a fabulous deal that I figured I would get them throughout my entire house. That of course meant that I had to have a fabulous sink rather than the dorky $50 stainless steel one, which of course meant that I needed an amazing faucet to go with the fabulous sink and the gorgeous granite countertops! Well, they installed the granite Friday. I spent Thursday night ripping out all the old countertops with some help from a friend and a neighbor that was kind enough to come unhook the disposal (he's a plumber and in my ward). It's Sunday and the plumber can't come until tomorrow night, so we are without sinks other than the one upstairs in the kids bathroom that I was able to rehook up and install. My basement sink needs some pipes and the 1/2 bath sink hole cut in the granite is too small. So, the table is stacked with dirty dishes and I can't wait to get the sinks all hooked back up! However, I LOVE the countertops. Now that I have granite I guess that I have finally made it in this world! It doesn't get any better than granite countertops!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm turning 37 tomorrow and quite frankly have been a little down. However, my view on how bleak my life was changed drastically last night when I was given some bad news about someone else's life. It put things in perspective as the tears rolled down my face hearing this sad news. I no longer felt sorry for myself, but wondered how in the world I would cope with this tragedy and my heart went out to the sweet family that is going through it. I am so grateful for my healthy children and so grateful that I am healthy too. I have a lot to be grateful for and sometimes I get so busy and caught up in my life and the chaios that can surround it, that I forget to see the beauty of my own life. Then something comes along that slaps me in the face and once again I become balanced - if only for a few days. Life is sweet and every day is something to cherish. Every minute I spend with my kids, whether they are driving me nuts or not, is something I need to be so grateful for. When I get in my car each morning and it starts, rather than being bummed that I have to go to work at 6:45, I need to just be grateful I have such a great car and that it turns on every single morning. I have a beautiful home and I bought it myself - how blessed am I that I can earn enough money to buy my family a home. So it's not a mansion, but it's beautiful and it's mine. I'm grateful that I just wake up each morning. And when I walk up the stairs to get Sammy and the girls up for the day, the beauty I see in each of their faces is something to treasure. My life is so good. I have so much to be grateful for and I need to express it to people, to God, and to my children. Thank you everyone, for enriching my life and helping me get through it. I couldn't do it without your help. My life is beauty.