Monday, July 28, 2008

Our newest addition!

I'm not sure how many of you were lucky enough to attend Taylorsville Dayz! It was great.

There we were (me, my sister and my mom) sitting in the shade, enjoying our outing, when over skips Kate with a bag in her hand. She was THRILLED to put it midly. She had "won" a small dwarf frog and there is was in all of it's glory.

For those of you that don't remember Molly the dog that we got months ago, I couldn't handle it and it was gone within one month (sold, not killed - although the thought did cross my mind). I don't do pets. They have never been my thing. I can only clean up so much poop.

Anyhoo, you have to understand that Kate's heaven would be Noah's Ark. Seriously! She LOVE animals and have always said she is going to be a vet and I believe her. At the zoo the animals come alive when she stands there. It's like she understands them and they love her.

I looked at the little frog and thought

"self, this looks like the perfect pet, it's small and required very little attention. I don't even have to clean up anything. I think that I can live with this"

Much to her amazement, I smiled and gave her $5 to go and buy the contianer that it needs to live in. Jane and Cole both followed suit, winning a frog and me giving them each $5 to have their own habitat for their frogs. They were thrilled to put it midly.

Jane dropped her container about one day later.The frog was fine and so it was put in a bowl on the kitchen counter. The next morning it was no longer in the bowl. Tears were shed and we went right down to the pet store and I bought her a new frog. She bought the "upgrade" habitat with her own $40 and was happy once again.

This morning I was at my sisters blending salsa (long story) and I got a phone call. Jane was in tears as she told me that her frog was white and bloated and dead (I'm pretty sure those were the words she used). I told her that I would get right in my car and come home.

Well, on the way home from my sisters, there's a PETCO. How could I resist. It was almost 9am, so I sat in the parking lot until they opened and when right in, Sammy in tow. I asked them for something that was not a frog and that was VERY maintenance free, and would not die anytime soon. $40 later I drove into the garage. Jane had just finished burying her frog (in my flower bed). I told her to look in the box, and you would have thought I had bought her the moon. She couldn't believe her eyes.

Her mom, who hates pets, bought her a replacement to mend her broken heart, voluntarily, without even having to be asked. She hugged me tight and expressed her appreciation. Here she is, Stella!

Monday, July 14, 2008

I guess it's about time I wrote something

Isn't the public school system great?

There are two kinds of moms in this world: those that love the school year and those that cherish that time each summer when their kids are home with them ALL day!

I am the first kind of mom. I LOVE LOVE LOVE having my days to myself. Well, not totally to myself, just without the screaming, fighting, yelling, pushing, shoving, crying, breakdowns, dishes, meals, and the boredom. Let's just say that I love having the kids in school.

Summer break is great for about 3 days and them I'm ready to have my kids back in school. I need that time to get my life organized and to just get everything done.

I guess it's mostly the quiet that I cherish the most and miss all summer long. If you have more than one girl, you know that the house is never quiet when they are around.

I thought I would have this nice, peaceful, slow summer. NOT SO! Doctor's appointments, dentist appointments, soccer, baseball, swimming, summer camps, and everything else that comes with summer has made my slow peaceful summer not so slow or peaceful at all.

You can always tell how busy I am by the number of entries I have on my blog. If I have time on my hands I will write. I am currently writing because I am sitting at the desk printing yet another batch of chore cards (only about 1000 of them), which will then need to be cut, laminated, every one gets a single hole punch, packaged, and sent out or taken to the Quilted Bear.

Only 30 more days until normal life resumes!