Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I had something to do, and asked Casey to hold Sammy for a minute. He (Sammy, not Casey) was so tired, but I was trying to keep him up since it was close to bedtime. You have to know something about Sammy - he NEVER falls asleep on a person. I trained him to fall asleep on his own, so to him that means in a bed - any bed, not on a person. Sometimes I wish that he would fall asleep on me, but oh well. Anyway, I wasn't away from them for more than 5 minutes and this is what I came back to. Notice that Sammy is still holding his toy.

This is my life- DROOL. I have never seen a child drool like Sammy. Wait, Casey reminds me that Quinn (my sister's baby) drooled just as much, if not more. Each day I put clean clothes on Sam, and an hour later he is wet down to his belly button. I don't bother changing him - it's a losing battle. I'm used to the fountain of drool. However, we do finally have a tooth to show for all the slobber.
And here is what my boy looks like yesterday and today, and this picture doesn't do the nose justice. He is sick and now not only am I deeling with the fountain of drool, but we now have the river of snot mixing with it. It's lovely. Although I will admit that inspite of the drool/bugar river, when he smiles through it my heart melts. Even sick he is happy and cute. And you have to admit that those blue eyes do off set the nasty bottom half of the face. If you could only see his shirt - totally gross.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

MayDay Festival at Wheeler Farms

On May 10th I have been asked to be a vendor at the Mayday Festival at Wheeler Farms. Okay - I know that it isn't like I was asked to be at the utah state "what women want festival", but hey, you have to start somewhere. It's a start and will give me a good idea of whether or not my little chore boards and cards will even sell. I obvioulsy think they are awesome and love them, but it's like our children - we all think our own kids are the most beautiful babies and children, when in reality we walk down the grocery store isle and people are start to believe that aliens really do exist! Anyway, it looks like there are going to be some fun activities there and it's free, so if you have nothing better to do, come on over and at least keep me company for a minute :) Or you could just come and completely ignore me because you are embarrassed to know the vendor that hasn't sold anything :) That would be okay too.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Soy Formula Anyone?

Sammy and his tummy have developed an aversion to all formulas that aren't similac - nice. He was allergic to normal formula, so is on soy and it's great. Anyway, I have probably 12 cans of enfamil soy and maybe 4 cans of carnation soy. I don't want them to just go to waste and I know if I try to give them to Sammy he will start puking - or just refuse to drink his bottles (I tried to sneak one past him to see if I could get away with it - no can do - he wouldn't take his bottle after a couple of sucks).

If you know anyone that could use this formula they are welcome to have it for free. I recieved it free from a pediatrician. They just have to come and get it and it's all theres.

Let me know if I have any takers -

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sisters are the best

I spent the day with my mom in Ogden along with 2 of my 4 sisters, and my only sister-in-law on that side. Can I just say that I LOVE having sisters. I'm not exactly sure what people do that don't have sisters. I always have said that I don't need many friends because I have sisters. If I could choose 5 people to go on vacation with - it would be my sisters. If I needed help, they are the ones that I call. I always love being with which ever one I am with and go away feeling that I am the luckiest girl in the world to have such great sisters. It wasn't always that way mind you - we used to fight like cats and dogs. My oldest sister Lisa (the only one NOT in Utah) would sneek into my room before school. She was in high school, and I was in jr. high. Her school started way before mine, so while I was still sleeping, she would sneek in and "borrow" my clothes. After school she would trot in the house wearing something I was looking for. I would kind of go crazy and she would mumbe something about "asking me". Sure she asked me - it was 5 in the morning and I was incoherant - I would have said she could cut my hair off at that point in the day. Now she has 5 kids and lives outside of Sacramento. She is the tiniest of all of us and just keeps getting smaller. Jen and I NEVER got along. When she was in 12th grade, I was in 10th grade. We had an open campus at our high school and could therefore go home or anywhere else for lunch. She had the car (a 1970 Blazer with turquiose interior) and if I wanted to go home with her and her friends, I had to sit in the very back, behind the back seat, crouched on the floor with teh spare tire and not make a sound or I wouldn't get a ride home. Now she has 4 kids, lives in Springville and is the NICEST person in the entire world - just genuinly nice. What happened there? Sam, my closest sibling, 15 months younger than me, is married to Melissa. I didn't grow up with her, but can only imagine that we would have fought horribly. She came over one day after I had Sammy and made me 10 meals that she prompltly put in my freezer. She is very generous. Emily is hysterical. She is 5 years younger than me and was the family slave. Everyone has one. She is the kid that would happily go and get you that glass of water when you ate too much popcorn - even if we wouldn't pause the movie for her. And if by some odd chance she said no, you could always convince her using manipulation. Now she lives 5 minutes from me, has three kids, and we go walking each morning and probably spend too much time together. Renee is the baby. She is 7 years younger than me, married and has one child. She was a snot - let's just be honest. If she's reading this, there will be one of two options - she will admit it and think that it's funny, or get really defensive and be mad at me. She was doted on pretty much from the day she was born, although when my mom brought her home from teh hospital we all thought she looked like a rat/piglet. She's grown out of that! She is the FUNNIEST FUNNIEST FUNNIEST person in the entire world and keeps us laughing continually, until you upset her that is - then she lays into you, starts crying and storms out the door.

It's funny, but you never realize growing up just how much you will love these people when you become adults. YOu don't realize that they wll be your closest friends, your confidant, the person that you go to when you want to share the best news and the person that you cry with when something goes wrong. They are the people that I would choose to be with on any given day (other than my little family of course - wait, even then I would probably choose to be with them over my kids). I would go to the ends of the earth to help any one of them. When my sister Jens baby was born with a congenital heart defect 3 years ago I wanted more than anything to be with her and to take away her pain. I saw her cry as her baby was lying in the NICU, and cried with her. I felt as though my own child were lying there. With each heart surgery he when through, I cried with her and also did everything I could to make her smile. There isn't one of my sisters that wouldn't take that pain away from her. I still cry when I think about the times in the hospital and the difficulty she has gone through with that sweet boy. There isn't one of us that doesn't feel that pain with her on some level. We love each other so much and I'm so grateful for sisters. I wouldn't survive in this crazy and sad world without the sunshine that each of them brings into my day. When I'm down, the phone rings. When I'm happy, I share it with them. When I make too much food - I invite them over for dinner. We have so much fun together and I am eternally grateful that we get to enjoy eachother forever. There aren't 5 other women that I would choose to share eternity with. I can only hope that I have been the kind of sister to them that htey have continually been for me. They are a wonderful example of all that a mother, housewife, sister, and daughter should be and I love them dearly.

Monday, April 14, 2008

It's about time I wrote something I suppose

It's funny how time goes by and each day I figure that nothing interesting, or worth writing about, has happened. I think that my life is pretty boring I suppose - and it probably is. I do pretty much the same thing every day. Here's a rough schedule (it probably looks REALLY familiar):

6am- get up and feed Sammy
6:30 - go on a walk with my sister Emily
7:15 - make sure the girls are on track with getting ready for school
7:45 - get in an argument with Kate over something disrespectful that she said to me or Casey, or even Jane for that matter
8:00 - sit down on the stairs after the girls run out the door to catch their ride to school and just breathe
8:15 - have a bowl of cereal
8:30 - go make the bed and pick up my bedroom
8:45 - get Sammy, who is practically hollering for me at this point
9:00 - change and feed Sammy some fruit which ends up all over the place, although it is pretty cute - he eats a couple of bites, and then insists on sucking his thumb for a minute. It's makes for a messy breakfast - but oh well - he loves it.
9:30 - sing and play with Sammy for a few minutes and put him down for his nap, and run for the shower before I consiously realize that he really doesn't want to go down for a nap quite so soon, but seeing as I can't stand the smell and feel of myself after my brisk walk, I want to at least rinse off and pretend that he's quietly sleeping upstairs.
9:45 - by this point I've showered, gotten dressed, brushed my teeth, put on a minimal amount of makeup, tried to get my hair done, taken my birth control (I don't want to miss that at this point in my life), and then run up and make sure Sammy hasn't had his morning poopy diaper. He smiles at me when he sees me above his crib. I usually pick him up and sit in the rocking chair and kiss him and talk to him for a few minutes before returning him to his place of sleep so that I can get something done.
10:00 - he usually falls asleep by this point (I'm sure it's the kisses and talks that we have) and I am already half way done with the kitchen, have a load of laundry in the washing machine, and am sweeping the floor.
10:30 - by this point, I'm usually hungry again and have a couple of pieces of toast or a granola bar and keep moving. Some mornings the floors get mopped, and some mornings the shower gets scrubbed (not nearly enough mornings I will admit).
11:00 - Sammy is up at this point and I run up and get him, kiss him a million times, change him, get him dressed for the day, feed him a bottle, and I'm off. This is the only time of day I run errands (except after bed time of course). I figure I have one good hour where he is well behaved to get as much done as possible. It's amazing how many groceries you can gt in 30 minutes when you really have to. He is put in the baby bjorn and stares at people the whole time. He's really very good. I found that I couldn't fit the groceries in the cart with him in it also, hence the baby bjorn.
12:00 - get Sammy down for a nap and unload any "stuff" from the car that I have purchased and try to find room for it in the pantry or anywhere else I can pretend that something else will fit in.
12:30 - I've usually done about 2 - 3 loads of laundry at this point, so am scrambling to get things put away, hung up, and just generally clearned off the table - after all, the girls will be home from school soon and have to do homework, or just have the table to mess up.
1:30 - I remember that I should probably eat some lunch, and while Sammy is still sleeping, I should also check my emails or do what I'm doing now. I usually work on my chore cards for about an hour each day during this nap time too.
2:00 - Get Sammy up, change him, give him a bottle, burp him, and play with him for a minutes (like 10), then let him play on the ground or in his bouncy thingy and continue with my stuff.
2:15 - think "oh crap what can I fix for dinner tonight" and scramble through recipes or the freezer trying to come up with something that will please most everyone.
2:30 - Move Sammy to a different location because he's getting bored in teh previous one and kiss him and love him for a minute. Fold another load of laundry and put that away.
2:45 - get Sammy and go and get the girls from school.
3:15 - get in another argument with one of the girls over their supposed homework or whereabouts of the spelling words and why they can't play quite yet. Put Sammy down for yet another nap and hope that he goes for it.
4:00 - clean up the kitchen and run the dishwasher and get whatever meal I've planned started for dinner that night.
Between 4:30 and 5:00 - get Sammy up and feed him and scramble around with a baby in my arms (this is his grumpy time) while trying to brown ground meat or make biscuits. Continue asking the girls to help holding Sammy (which they actually do alot, just not for any extended period of time, which at this point, is what he needs). I've usually exploded at least once and we have already seen way too many tears by this time of the day. There have no doubt been things said by me that I'm feeling incredibly guilty about and promising myself that I won't do again, that I can do better. Hug the girls and make sure to tell them that I love them and REALLY appreciate all that they do to help me. Kate rolls her eyes as I tell her and try to hug her, and Jane keeps singing and dancing around like she's tinkerbell (it sounds cute until you've been listening to it for 3 hours strait). So I ask her agian to stop because at this point in the day, I'm just plain tired and feel like I"m going to have a nervous break down.
6:00 - the table gets set by one of the girls (kate does the dishes MWF and Jane does them TTHS) and it all comes together. The meal is on the table, Casey is walking in, Sammy is crying, and I typically look like I've been run over by a semi, but we all sit down and have a meal together. No doubt there is some complaining about the meal, and I once again feel dissapointed that my meal isn't LOVED by all, but get over it quickly.
7:00 - make sure the kitchen has been cleaned correctly. Bathe Sammy, feed him and put him to bed. Again, after kissing him a gazilion times and singing him his nightly lullaby (more for me than him I think). He is usually out cold within 5 minutes and I sit.
8:00 - Start telling teh girls to get ready for bed and argue with them about bed time snacks, brushing teeth, getting their laundry put away and so forth. There's always something when you have two daughters.
8:30 - get the girls in bed and listen to them bounce around for the next 1/2 hour until I loose it and holler up at them to stop or I'm going to come up there and then they will really be in trouble (yeah right is what's going through their mind because they know that by this time of the day, I'm DONE DONE DONE and can't handle life).
9:00 - get ready for bed and climb in it with a bowl of cereal (frosted flakes to be exact) and turn the tv on. I don't even care what I watch anymore - I just want something mindless to help me relax.
10:00 - watch the first 15 mintues of the news until the I see the weather report/forcast, talk to Casey for a few minutes, turn out the light and I'm done until it all starts over 7 hours later.

What's interesting about my life. Sure the errands vary from day to day, and sometimes I clean the bathroom rather than vacuum the stairs. Some days I even decide to organize a room and the floor doesn't get swept that day. There are days that I bake cookies, days that I visit my mom in Ogden, or days that I just go to my sisters house and sit, eat, and just enjoy being! But for the most part I guess my life is boring. It's my life though and I wouldn't change it. I love my boring life. I love walking into Sammy's room after each nap and seeing those blue eyes look up at me and a huge grin come over his entire face. I love the hugs that I sometimes get from the girls. I love listening for the garage door to open, signaling the arrival of my husband. True, I don't love cleaning toilets, scrubbing the shower (you would know that if you saw it I'm afraid), folding piles of laundry, or even making dinner - but's it's my job and I'm happy to do it every single day. I am grateful taht I get to do i,t, that I get to be at home taking care of all of those things. Monotonous - YES, But I wouldn't have it any other way (okay that's a lie because if I was a millionair I would probably have a personal trainer come to my home, and house keeper, and my errands would eto places like Nordstroms rather than Walmart).

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Check out my new project!

So, for the last year I have been using these chore cards that I made. I LOVE them. It's taken me a while to find a system that works for me and my family, but this one seems to do the trick. Anyway, I made enough for my sisters and they seem to like them too. Someone told me I should sell them, so hey - I figure, why not? So there you go - you can go to my link listed above my friends and family section on the right hand column and see what I have. If your curious that is? I have no idea if it actually works, as far as if you buy something. I am working on setting up my own actual web site so that it is found through a google search, but for now, this is what I have. By the way, I really won't care or be offended if nobody buys them :)

Jane's Baptism Day!!!

Last Saturday Jane was baptized. It was a really great day. A few months ago Mike, Jane's dad, came to me and told me that he knows that Jane loves Casey and that he is her "dad" too, therefore, he felt like it was best if Casey could baptize her and he would confirm her. I was really grateful that he put Jane's feeling first and wanted her to have the best of both her worlds. So that's what happened - Casey baptized her and Mike confirmed her. She sat right in between them both during the meeting and it was really touching. I appreciate that both her dads get along with eachother and keep the best interests of the girls in front of their own wants. I have never seen anyone SO excited to be baptized. She could hardly wait and invited all of her friends. She was just so happy that it was finally time for her to be baptized. Both Casey and Mike did great in their respective jobs. Jane didn't go under all of the way the first time (her legs flew up), and so Casey just dunked her again and then was told that he had to actually do the whole thing again - prayer and all. So, they did it again and the third time was the charm. I told her that it's not everyone that gets to be baptized three times - how lucky is she?
I love my Jane so much. She has ALWAYS been a ray of sunshine in my life. She is the most generous, kind person I have every known. I'm not kidding - she always makes sure that her siblings have as much as more as her and is always buying things for them and sharing everything that she has. She is kind to everyone and always makes sure that nobody is left out. She is a GREAT example to me. She loves me and snuggles with me all of the time and I wouldn't trade her for the world. She has always marched to the beat of her own drum and has NEVER cared what anyone thinks about her. She wears what she wants and does just what she wants and is always the leader in every circle of friends. She spends more time making sure her appearance is to HER satisfaction than anyone I know and does a wonderful job taking care of herself. She is graceful, beautiful, kind, selfless, sweet, loving, and very smart and funny. I absolutely adore her and am SO SO SO proud of her. I know that she will continue to make good decisions and to do what is right. I love her.