Thursday, February 28, 2008

I need advice (shocker I know)

I have a couple of questions about Sammy. Odd since I do have other children - but it has been 8 years and honestly, I wasn't that great of a mom - I was clueless. Jane was up all throughout the night until she was about 3 and Kate was naturally just a good sleeper so I thought I knew it all. WRONG. Anyway, here is my first question: How long should Sammy be up between naps? He is a GREAT night time sleeper (7 - 7 without problems), but is a cat napper. He is usually up for an hour and then goes down for a nap, which will only last about 45 minutes to an hour. I usually make him cry and go back to sleep so that I can get housework done, but I can't even think of a single time that he has slept during the day without waking after an hour. I can't stand it!! So, any adivce on getting him to nap longer would be really helpful.

Second question: Is it at all possible that he is teething (he will be 4 mos. in about a week)? He has been more fussy than normal (he really isn't ever a fussy baby), has been drooling like crazy, and constantly has his entire fist in his mouth. Am I psycho to think that he could be teething or could he just have a soar throat or something to that effect?

Last question: He scratches his head ALL of the time. I am continually cutting his nails to as short as I can get them, and he still manages to scratch his head. I'm not kidding when I say that it looks like we have a cat that uses the sides, top, and back of his head as a scratching post. There are literally wounds and scabs ALL over his head. I put either baby oil or cetaphil lotion on it every single day. I only bathe him every other day (much to Casey's dismay - he thinks I should bathe him every day), and he still does it. Any suggestions would be great.

I feel like an idiot asking such stupid questions, but I need the answers and am always more than willing to admit that I don't know everything.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm not perfect?

As most of you do, I do my fair share of blog surfing. For those of you that don't know what that is, it's basically going to someone's blog that you know, and linking to one of thier "friends" that you don't know and you just keep going. You get a lot of good ideas and read some pretty interesting stuff. Although I have to admit that as I read a number of these blogs, the reality of my imperfection hits. I try not to get down as I read these "all too perfect lives" that are portrayed, realizing that in a lot of these women are really only showing the side of thier lives that they choose to let others see. I am not capable of that. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Nobody can ever accuse me of perfection or of having a perfect life. My husband I fight regularly, my kids continually talk back to me and fight with each other, I get spit up on more than I would like to count, I have cellulite on my thighs (it's true), my hair is not even remotely what I would like it to be (and there are greys popping up now), my house is never quite clean enough (probably more messy than clean when it comes down to it), there are crumbs in my bed from some unknown source, my laundry pile never seems to get smaller, I burn food, I yell at my kids probably too much, I don't have family scripture study every day (or even every week), and I just can't seem to get my act totally together.

It's not that I don't want to be better. I'm always trying to be a better mom, wife, and just person in general. I just always seem to fall short. Casey is always teasing me because I get on these "kicks". One day I will become committed to Family Home Evening, the next month it will be family prayer, the next it might be family scripture study. It's always something. Sometimes they stick, but most times life gets in the way and they don't. Before Sammy was born we were doing so well at having morning scriptures with the kids. I loved it and I think that they did too (even though they would probably never admit it). Then Sammy came and I am still having a hard time even being awake when the kids are walking out the door to school. Scripture study in the morning has become obsolete unfortunetly. I know that it will make it's way back into my life, but it is just a matter of when.

I wish that I was more like some of the women that I read about. I wish that I could go on and on about how wonderful my life is and how wonderful I am and how wonderful my children are. Actually, when it comes down to it, I do have 4 incredible children, in spite of the talking back and fighting. I also have a great husband, even if we do fight almost daily (we also make up just as much or more than we fight). I probably have a lot more together than I give myself credit for, but it's always ourselves that we are the hardest on. One thing is for sure, nobody will ever feel like they aren't living up to what they should be by reading my blog - nobody will ever go away from my blog thinking "crap, I am not doing so well and need to do better and more". Life is about learning and always trying. I may not be the best at family scripture study or family prayer, but I am always striving to do more and be better. Isn't that what the gospel is really about anyway?

So, I guess the moral of the story is that, yes, I'm not perfect, and well - that's okay with me (maybe not with Casey, but it's okay with me, and I guess as long as I continue to look good naked to him than that is enough to convince him that I'm worth keeping around). Okay, I probably shouldn't have said that last thing because I know that Casey appreciates me and loves me, but hey - being naked is lots of fun - let's admit it!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


One of the kids asked what my password was and then the beast was unleashed. As you can see (if you have looked at some of my comments), my kids think they are really funny! The biggest culprit isn't my kids however - it's my husband. On various blog sites you will find comments praising him and unfortunetly, saying what I think are unkind things about me (once again, I will point out that Casey's idea of funny is not the same of most peoples). I guess that is the price you pay when your family knows your password. That will be changing RIGHT NOW!!! Good luck getting the new one out of me!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Did I mention General Contractor in my job description?

In my profile I am listed as having the profession of law enforcment/security. I chose that because that's what I feel like I do all day long being a mom. Nowhere did that job description mention general contractor. It's amazing what you will do to save a substantial amount of money.

We decided after we had Sammy that the girls sharing a room (we had 3 bedrooms for 4 kids) was a really bad idea. They can't seem to figure out how to get along and the room seems like it keeps on shrinking. Anyway, so we started with a couple of brothers-in-law sheetrocking a bedroom in the basement. It already has a huge family room/play room done and everything else is framed and the electrical is also done. Well, as things go, the domino effect kicked in, and now the whole things is being done. Not only that, we figure, hey, why not do the work that we want done in the living area while we are at it. So now, not only am I trying to line up plumbers and sheetrockers, but also picking out tile and wood floors. Getting all the contractors to atually show up is a whole nother story for another day. I had no idea how much work this would be for me. Casey I'm sure is laughing since he thinks I sit at home and watch Oprah and eat bon bons all day long so I shouldn't have anything better to do. Right honey?

If anyone can refer me to a good sheetrocker that will show up when asked to (asap) and a good place to get carpet and have it installed - that would be much appreciated. The list is now growing bigger of things to do and the price just keeps going up. I guess I should be grateful that we are saving the money that we would be paying a contractor to do what I'm doing.

Honestly, I'm really grateful that Casey provides well for us and that we can get this done. It will be SO nice to have 2 more bedrooms, a sewing/gift wrapping room, and another full bathroom. Thanks Honey for giving me so much - you spoil me rotten and I appreciate it all every single day. Mostly though, I appreciate that Casey supports me in staying home with the kids and works hard so that we can still have a very nice life style (without my whopping $30K that I brought home as a junior high science teacher)!

Love ya babe!

Friday, February 1, 2008

And you thought that Casey and I were the only dancers in the family.

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A fun read!

For those of you that are politically minded, my never-to-opinionated brother has a blog that is actually pretty fun to read and comment on. I don't love politics and I actually enjoy reading it, so if you want something to think about, go check it out and make some comments - he loves to hear from his "fans". The address is - the link is on my list of links under Sam's political voice. Enjoy!!

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