Saturday, December 27, 2008

While I was shoveling the driveway up in Midway, the girls went sledding. Sammy went along and LOVED it. Kate and Jane were so loving and happy to pull him around and go down the hill with him. It was so much fun to watch the excitment (he did start with gloves and a hat, but quickly got sick of those).

I think that this is an absolute wonderful picture. Sammy is so lucky to have 2 sisters that love him so much.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Success ! (and a lot of well-hidden hot glue)

This is the house that Jane built. She did an awsome job. This was her first REAL, from scratch, gingerbread house. She did all the putting it together by herself, piping and all. I LOVE her tree. Next year I will buy bigger trays to put them on so that she can make MORE of her lovely trees! (Katy decided gingerbread house decorating was not up her alley after the front of hers was not to her liking and went in the garbage.)

Jane's house again. So Beautiful.

The back of my house.

One of my sides. Not perfect, but not too shabby either. When I baked the gingerbread, I crushed up jolly rancher type candy and put them in the window holes, so all of the windows have a "stained glass" in them. They are quite pretty.
Below is my house. I have to admit that it turned out better than
I had anticipated and this will definetly turn into a family tradition.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Jane! She is the sweetest (and stubbornest) child you could imagine. Jane is adorable. She does the cutest things and says the cutest things.

My parents moved to Guam for 2 years 10 days ago. My dad works for the church and he was transferred there to be in charge of the church construction on all of those little islands. It's tough work, but hey, somebody has to do it :)

Anyway, we want to go so badly before Sammy turns two for obvious financial reasons. Well, it only costs about $1300/ticket round trip. I am VERY fortunate to have generous ex-husbands that make it possible to stay home for the next few years to take care of the kids while they are so small (Sammy in particular and Casey is very generous). Anyway, inspite of their generousity, I still have to be very careful with funds and it's hard every month. Let's just say that there isn't an extra 5 grand sitting around for plane tickets. I really want to go so that the girls can experience life in another part of the world and see that people actually do live in grass huts in places. Anyway, I've been racking my brain trying to figure out how to come up with that much money. So, here is the conversation I had with Jane yesterday:

Mom: I've been thinking that if we cut out things like going out to eat, or buying silly things that we really don't need, and save all of that money, by May we will have enough for at least one plane ticket.

Jane: Yeah, but that's only enough for one plane ticket. How would you decide who gets to use it?

Mom: What do you mean?

Jane: Well, that's only enough money for one person to go, who would get to go?

Needless to say that I had to explain that we would all be going, but would have to find a way to raise the rest of the money for the other tickets!

So we thought and thought and came up with an idea, although there is a short history behind it.

I grew up in a home that was comfortable, but without extras. My parents were very good at stretching a dollar and we never really felt like we went without much. However, when it came to things like girls camp there were always more than one daughter going at a time, usually up to three of us and it was expensive. So, my mom would help us earn the money by taking a couple of saturdays and we would spend the day making home-made cinnimon rolls. She was famous for her scrumptous rolls and so we never had any problem selling enough. People would just wait for us to have to earn money for girls camp or for christmas time to get on the list of roll customers. They were that good. THe thing is, after you bake dozens of rolls in one day for 6 years you kind of get a knot in your stomach when you evern think about making those rolls. I SWORE that I would never make them again.

Well, the girls want to go to Guam and I have to help them earn the money to get there and have become my mother, which is a great thing to become! So, they will be making phone calls to everyone that we know to see if they want to help them earn money to go visit their grandparents in Guam. I'm no Lilian (my mom), but I will say that these rolls are pretty darn finger-likin good and well worth it. Obviously they will have to make a lot of rolls to get them to Guam, so it's something that we will be doing for a few months.

This was my answer to getting more than one person to Guam! We'll see how it works. Kate and Jane have never really worked like I will have to make them work to make enough rolls to get us there. But hey, if they really want to go then they won't mind and the work will teach them a few things, as will the trip their. Not only that, they will probably enjoy the trip a lot more knowing that they had to work that hard for it!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pastry Chef anyone?

I am taking my kids up to my sisters vacation home in Midway in a week for the week. We need a fun vacation. However, I get really bored on vacations if I don't have projects and activities up the wazoo. Weird isn't it?
So, I have put together a couple of containers full of craft projects that the girls and I will be doing each day while up there. One of them happens to be making a gingerbread house.
This is something that I have attempted a couple of times, never with great success however. THe past few years we have stuck with those kits that you by for $10 and let the girls go crazy. But the inner perfectionist in me goes crazy the entire time they are doing it, knowing that they could be magnificent.
Let's face it, everyone has seen those amazing gingerbread houses and thought "wouldn't it be fun to make something that looked like that".
THIS IS MY YEAR!! This year I'm doing it and I'm not rushing through any of the steps (I have a tendancy to do that to get to the next part which seems more fun). I've researched and planned and shopped for candy (at the dollar store). I made my own pattern with cardboard to make sure the pieces are all going to fit and then took the pattern and drew exaclty what I want it to look like when all is said and done.
I'm not a complete novice either. I took a number of cake decorating classes and was really quite good at it. That was 11 years ago, but hey - it must be like riding a bike, and I'm pretty sure that the intricate piping that I have planned will turn out just fine (okay, I may be stretching it).
I'm excited though. It's basically an entire week process from start to finish and it's going to be fun. The girls are excited too. They have planned what theirs are going to look like and hopefully they will enjoy the process.
My question to all of you is this: do you have any advice for me? I am hot glueing the pieces together and then using frosting to hide the glue. I can't find great candy and have looked at other supermarkets. Let me know if you have any suggestions!! They would be more than welcome.
And yes, I will be posting a picture of the finished houses, even if it's an utter dissapointment!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Thank you Emily and Brittney. Emily for inviting to what I thought was going to be a stupid "learn how to save money party". I had nothing better to do, and figured "hey, I can try something new, afterall, I'm having to cut back". Brittney was the teacher (and a friend).
I sat there throughout the class somewhat mesmorized and baffled, wondering if it was really true. Had my money saving ship really finally come in when it comes to groceries.
Anyone who knows a DeLong knows that we basically are tightwads. No, make that frugal. I don't think that I have ever bought anything (accept a bra or two) that wasn't on sale. I know where all of the clearance racks are at every single store. Full price for clothes or shoes, not on your life (unless Casey was with me - he always seemed to steer me away from the sale racks which isn't a bad thing). Most of my 5 sisters and my mom can quote you a location and price on any item we are wearing at any second, and just about any item in any of our 7 homes. Somewhat pathetic isn't it?
Anywho, I have never been able to make coupons work for me and hate reading the paper, so just figured that I was doomed to shop at Walmart for the rest of my existance. Not the case. I am now a loyal Albertson's shopper. Albertson's of all places. It was the one store I avoided in my old pre-food money saving life. As you can see from the above receipts however, it's now my best friend (that and Rocky Road Ice Cream). Okay, so maybe you can't see the fine print numbers. Let me tell you what they are:
Reciept number one : Spent $18.57 and saved $41.57
Reciept number two: Spent $42.94 and saved $44.23
Reciept number three: Spent $16.22 and saved $49.24
That's only three of them. I have more evidence, but you get the point.
I learned a lot that night that I thought I was wasting my time and only going for the food. It's basically very simple information: only buy what's on major sale and use coupons on top of that and you get your food almost for nothing. There are a few other tricks and I'm still getting the hang of it. I'm super paranoid now about someone stealing my SUnday papers (I get two now only for the coupons) and would love to have anyones coupons that doesn't use them. Just set them aside and let me know you are and I will swing by and pick them up.
It's become a game for me now and I walk away some days feeling like I have just beat the system, something that us DeLong's love almost more than eachother.
So, Casey is wondering why I never learned this before, and I'm just happy that I finally got the message and that Emily called at the last minute and invited me to the party. Good thing I like food enough to sit through just about any "party" huh?
Isn't saving money so much fun!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Has it been one year already!!

Sammy turned one on Saturday the 8th. I honestly can't believe that it's been a year! It has gone by so quickly. I would do the typical list what you love about the kid on their birthday, but since it's only his first, there are a lot more than one thing that I adore about him.

I was telling my family that with Kate and Jane I just "got through it". I was a good mom and loved them so much (as I still do), but didn't relish in it and just love every day. This baby was different. I wanted Sammy SO SO SO badly and was so grateful for him and for the blessing of having him. I finally realized in my old ripe age of 35 that having a baby was truly a gift from our Heavenly Father, not an obligation and something to just get through. It's not that I loved getting up with him during the night, or that I adored the sore, bleeding nipples, but it also didn't upset me like it had in the past I'm sorry to say. When he would wake up in the night I would just lye him next to me and cuddle with him, lettin him suck on those sore, bleeding nippples to his little hearts content. And when we finally moved him upstairs to his own room, I would fall asleep with him cuddled on my chest.

I can really say that I have LOVED Sammy's first year. Okay, so I may have "lost" it a couple of times. He still is a horrible napper, but has slept through the night since he was two months old. I have had moments of frustration, but honestly, very rarely are they focused on him because I finally realize with this baby that it's just okay and that he doesn't ever mean to frustrate me.

He has been the greatest blessing and is the sweetest baby. His temperment is incredibly darling and he is also at the same time SO much a boy. He climbs the kitchen drawers, gets into eveything, won't sit still for 5 seconds, loves anything with wheels, throws blocks, and when I hold him he will put his head down on my shoulder, put his free arm around me and pat me like I have always patted him on the back. WHen I ask for kisses, he turns towards me with a huge open, slobbery mouth and lays one right on my lips and I love them. When I leave the room he hollers "mom" and it's music to my ears. If I have his blanky on my lap, he will dive into it head first, grab it and stick his thumb in his mouth for a quick drive by comfort compliments of mom's lap, his blue blankey, and his beloved right thumb. it lasts only for seconds, then he's off on another adventure.

I love Sammy with all of my heart and am SO SO SO SO grateful that I have enjoyed every day of this last year. Having a baby when you are a little older is a good thing. I may not have the energy I had when Kate and jane were his age, but I have the wisdom to let the dishes sit in the sink and sit on the ground and play cars with him. I have a lot of blessings to be grateful for, but my three children are by far the greatest and learning that time truly does fly by and enjoying every day for what it is, is also a great gift. This whole getting older thing isn't all that bad!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

There are a few things that should be against the law or to be uses with some serious eduction (or proof that you can do it correctly)

When Casey bought our house that I no longer live in, I spent HOURS redecorating. I have a problem though and I do admit knowingly that I have this problem. I think that I could actually be treated for this disorder to be honest with you. I CANNOT stand certain types of decor and become obsessed until those certain things are gone with no evidence of them remaining.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not any expert, but we all have our "things". Here are a few of them:

*white walls DO NOT exist in any home of mine.
*color is my friend
*you are NEVER done with interior design
*there is always something that can improve the look of every room
*more is never better
*oak anything that is not painted to hide the fact that it's oak should not be allowed, especially when it is paired with the words "kitchen cabinets"

I realize that I may have just offended people by the above issues that I have, but please realize that just because they are my issues does not mean they are issues for everyone. Except the wallpaper border issue should be an issue for absolutely everyone.

I spent, literally, hours and hours scraping wallpaper borders from the tops and middles of just about every single room in my old house that Casey is now enjoying. I cannot even tell you the tears that were shed, the bloody knuckles that appeared, and the totally inappropriate words that flowed like water from the niagra, while stripping wallpaper borders. I swore that I would kill the woman that had spent hours thinking that a "glow in the dark" robert kinkaid border belonged in her room and bathroom. First of all, wallpaper and fine art should never be mixed (I don't personally love his artwork, but on the fear that I might offend everyone that wasn't offended by the above list, I had better not say that I hate his artwork and stick with the fine art thing). Back to the subject at hand, I hate wallpaper borders and spent so much time, energy, and emotion getting rid of miles of them in my past that I never wanted to do it again.

I would typically stick by the whole wallpaper is evil in general. However, think that in small areas, and done very subtly, it can be a good thing. After spending a night at the Grand America I decided that I wanted a bathroom that somewhat resembled the feel of theirs (good luck on that one right). So I redid my SMALL 1/2 bath. Wallpaper was on the list of things to be done. Here is my idea of wallpaper done correctly. Everyone that walked in that bathroom (okay, not everyone I guess) LOVED that bathroom and the accompanying wallpaper. You can't really get the whole feel from just this snapshot, so if you really want it, you will have to knock on Casey's door and see for yourself. That, however, is wallpaper done right in my not to humble opinion.

This is wallpaper done HORRIBLY wrong. THis is what was around the top of the kitchen in the town home I live in. Can I just tell you that this one little wallpaper border and the lovely burnt orange color on the wall was almost reason enough to keep me from renting the largest of all the town homes I saw, which also included a real garage and 3 bathrooms!

I asked the owner if I could repaint and they gladly bought the paint for the entire townhome (I even was given the chance to pick my own color). They brought over 12 gallons of paint, two gallons of primer, and all the tools I would need to get it done. I have painted so many walls and could really charge for it at this point. I'm nerotic. Who paints a rental? ME, that's who. I told you, I can't stand white walls, or orange ones for that matter. COlor is my friend, just not colors that could be mistaken for a holiday hue.
So yesterday I finally, after a month, got up the courage to tackle the kitchen. Since it is a rental, I will admit that I didn't spend the three hours or so it would take to actually remove this lovely border, but sanded the edge, primed over it, and painted it. It took all day to complete the kitchen and entry way, but I LOVE IT now and walk in and feel a sense of beauty and peace.
As I've told Emily, my all too close sister that lives all too close (for her husband, not us), that I'm going for this new feel in my decorating style. It's called "coastal norweigen". I think I've been watching too much HGTV - what do you think? It's kind of a joke, but I am trying to be light and airy in my decorating and that term just fits it perfectly. The border and orange color were definetly not coastal or norweigen!!!
LIke I said, I'm neurotic and psycho, but for some reason I have always had to have my home be a sanctuary and a feel clean and free of white walls. Some can live fine without paint, or artwork. I'm definetly not one of those people and I'm proud to admit it.
Long live those that hate wallpaper borders!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I only share this because I think that it may benefit some people out there. It's not urgent or life or death, but a good thing to know.

Kate has the chicken pox, as does her 4 year old cousin. Both of which have been immunized. I was not informed this, but after doing some research and talking to the state health office in charge of immunizations, you need TWO immunizations for Chicken Pox. SO, if you have a child that has not had the chicken pox, and has not had TWO shots for it at least 6 months apart, you need to get them that booster or they are very much succeptible. Take it from me, who now has been through 2 of my 3 kids (Cole has it too by the way) having the chicken pox, get the booster if you have not.

I WAS NOT aware that they were needed, and when Sam was diagnosed, my pediatrician never said a word about anyone needing it, and acted like it was no big deal to have Sam around my entire family if they have been immunized. NOT THE CASE AT ALL.

The state said that they CDC came out with new recommendations that all kids get 2 shots, and the state is in the process of changing the requirments. In less than a year, the new requirment for Kindergarten will be 2 varicella shots and that anyone at that time that has not had the booster will need to get one.

I just thought I would save anyone the misery of being cooped up with a very miserable illness that can have serious side effects and leave horrible scars. So, if you have a child that has not had the booster, GET IT. It is obviously going around this area!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Can you say "too much on my mind and plate"?

So, I just downloaded all of my latest pictures from the last month and wrote two new posts to update all who care on my life since it's been just a litte while since I last wrote. Then I noticed that they were not on my blog, but my family blog. Oops. I guess that says something about my mental well being. I not only wrote and posted one post, but two. So if you care to see what is going on in my life you will have to go to the delong family blog. Here's the link:

If you don't, well, then I guess you won't know all the amazing things that I've been up to. That would be not much truthfully, but there are pictures :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

I've been informed that my entry gives the impression that Casey is to blame and at fault and making this difficult. I want to clarify for everyone's benefit that read that into the last entry. Casey and I are still living amicably under the same roof. We just both feel that we aren't happy and that our kids aren't happy with this marriage and everyone would be much happier in seperate homes. We even considered just living apart and staying married, but in the end felt that this was going to be the best choice.

Not only that, but honestly, Casey is being very generous with me, as he always has in all of our divorces. I'm being very sincere in saying that his generousity is making it possible for me to continue staying home for the next few years to be with my kids. It's true that I won't be living here, but I am moving to what I consider a very nice townhome, very close to Casey so that he can continue to have a huge part in Sammy's life.

Maybe this entry is also coming off in some way as attacking him, but it truly isn't. I just wanted to make that clear and that I had absolutely no intention of making the previous entry sound as if we weren't making this divorce as easy as possible for everyone and getting through it very nicely. So on that note, everyone can feel a little better about our situation :)

By the way, thanks to everyone for being so non-judgmental of my completely embarrassing situation.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's the sad truth - sorry

I knew this would happen. I have been secretivly packing unecessary items for a couple of weeks and stowing them in the third car garage, hoping that nobody would notice. Then I finally realized that it was inevitable - if I wanted to sell this house, I was going to have to put the sign out. The sign which had been sitting in my garage for a couple of weeks.

Finally under the cloak of darkness a few nights ago, I made the move. It was a quick and stealth like manuvre. I was just hoping and praying that nobody would notice me at that point. I was bracing myself for the onslought of questions that would follow.

They came earlier than I had hoped with a phone call the next morning bright and early. In spite of my efforts to avoid questions, they came. I hate having to face the look of wonder when people ask what is going on. It's that look that you just want to run away from or tell them it's just a big joke.

It's not a joke, although Casey is wondering if selling is financially worth it in this market - that's the good news. The bad news is that whether or not Casey sells this house is not going to be affecting the fact that I am moving. I know that this is not the best way to let people know why the house is REALLY for sale, and I hate even more than the house questions, the divorce questions and the looks of pity. I have been avoiding those looks and the judgments for about a month or so, but the truth is the truth and it's slapped me in the face at this point.

Anyone that knows my history with Casey is just saying that we are pretty much pathetic and that we will most likely end up back together. I can't very well defend myself on that point, however I know what goes on in our home and why this decision was made - so I therefore know that this is the best thing for everyone invovled and a reconciliation is not an option.

I was just going to do the same thing with the moving truck that I did with the for sale sign and leave under the cloak of darkness and let Casey deal with the complete and utter humiliation of our relationship, but have decided that number one, a HUGE moving truck is going to be very hard to hide, and number two and probably more important, is that you are all my friends and hopefully will not judge me too harshly and should know what is going on at this point.

I'm completely embarrassed about the whole thing, knowing how ridiculous it appears. If you see me at church or anywhere else however, please don't say anything to me because my eyes will well up with tears and it will unlease the flood of emotion. It just wouldn't be pretty, especially in public. I'm holding it together pretty well so that the kids aren't as affected, so I need to remain positive. And really, this is the best thing and I have a lot of faith in my Heavenly Father that he does know what is going on and that he has some plan for me that he is still trying to get me to find.

So the house is for sale, and I am moving with my two precious daughters and my baby boy. As long as I have them and a lot of faith - everything will be fine (okay, that along with a lot of alimony and child support so that I can still stay home with my kids). At least I still have my sense of humor!!

Crap - I guess I'm going to have to go in and change my family profile picture again. And even worse than that is that that picture was going on our christmas card this year. I guess that won't work will it?

Monday, August 25, 2008

I think somethings wrong with me

Today was the first day of school. I went to pick up the kids at the appointed time and they (I carpool) all showed up, except Kate. We wait, and we wait, and we send the kids in to find her. Finally after about 20 minutes I turn the car off and go in search of her just in time to see her come out of the school saying that she didn't know where we were supposed to meet, so she had been in the office calling me (I neglected once again to bring my cell phone). So here's the part that leads me to believe something is wrong with me.

I didn't just think: "oh, she's in with her teacher, or stopped to say hi to an old teacher, or hanging out with friends and lost track of time".

No, those were not the thoughts that popped into my head. I immediately began thinking that she had somehow (amongst 3 billion parents and kids) been kidnapped and was now 20 minutes away and I was not going to be able to save her.

Yes, I know - something is wrong with me.

For those of you who don't know me REALLY well, you don't know how freaky I am about something happening to my kids. I'm not just talking a little concerned, I'm talking psycho! Here's just a few examples of my craziness:

- Last week Jane went to achievment days. They went to the neighborhood pool. I walked down there with Sammy about 10 minutes after it started to make sure she hadn't drowed and was following my instructions to stay where she could touch. I then sat there for the next 20 minutes. (She was obedient though and I am just crazy)

- This summer Kate and Jane's dad had a swimming family party. I made him promise that he would make Jane wear a life jacket or I wouldn't let her go (kate can actually swim, but even then, I'm totally freaked out, but can't really make an almost 11 year old wear a life jacket). She wore the life jacket, much to her dismay.

- When my ex is late even just a little bit, in bringing them home, I see images of them in some horrific accident.

- I have a really hard time going to sleep sometimes ( a lot) because I'm wondering how I could possible save my kids and get to all of them to save them if there was an earthquake or fire and have images me not being able to save them.

- I don't like my kids to ride anything with wheels because I'm certain that they will have some freak accident and be that one statistic where they are killed or become seriously injured for life.

- I am sure that Sammy is going to choke on something, and am hyper paranoid about things that he puts in his mouth and won't take my eyes off of him when he's eating. You have never seen me move so quickly as I did last night when he popped something on the floor in his mouth. I was sure that was the end.

- When Sammy was about 5 months old, we were driving somehwere and I looked at him and he just looked weird. I freaked out and practically jumped over the seat to make sure he was okay.

- I'm actually scared to drive. Nobody would know it though. I'm sure that I am going to meet my demise in a car accident. You know the kind, where you are totally mangled, not killed instantly, and are smashed and stuck and the car is on fire. That kind of accident.

- Every time Sammy showers with Casey I'm sure that he's going to get dropped and have severe brain damage or just die.

The list is endless. I even found excuses to keep Jane home from a summer camp on teh days they went swimming. For the entire 4 hours they were there I was a basket case expecting a phone call at any second telling me that Kate had drowned.

This is my life. I have no idea why I am so neurotic. As my oldest sister pointed out on our reunion to the beach where I was certian that one of the kids was going to be ripped out to sea by some freak rip tide (I won't let them go any deeper than their knees. It's no wonder they love going places without me), it's not really so horrible to lose a child because they are in heaven, in a much better place. That didn't comfort me any. I was still freaked out by the rip tides. I won't even go backpacking or camping anymore. it's not the lack of toilets that keeps me from going, it's the bears. This my entire family knows and teases me about. I am sure that I am going to be attacked by a bear while camping and therefore can't sleep at all and lay there hyperventilating imagining the absolute worst. If it isn't the bears that are going to get me, it's the lighting. I hate lightening while camping! Kate goes backpacking with my parents every year. I hate it. I'm terrified that she is going to be attacked by bears or struck by lightening.

I'm telling you, I'm crazy. It didn't used to be this bad, but as my kids get older and more independent I am finding that my neurosis is increasing.

I hope that most of you are laughing and thinking that I am not really THAT crazy. Casey thinks that I'm just looking for attention when I tell someone (I try to keep it to myself and people only realize it when I'm obviously worried about something) because they ask what's bothering me so much.

Oh well, I guess we all have our little quirks. Obviously some are worse than others. It's not like I'm the only one who wakes up on a regular basis sure that the earth is shaking and that I'm in the midst of an earthquake and have to convince myself that the pictures on teh walls really aren't moving and bed is really not shaking. I mean come on - doesn't everyone do that?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I owe anyone who cares an apology!

My blog has been known for it's interesting and brutally honest content. Well, anyone who has read it lately has been VERY dissapointed! I'm sorry to all of you who count on a little honesty about fat arms and loving public school.

The truth is that I've been way busier than I would love to be. It's a good busy though. I will admit it, starting a business is A LOT of hard work and very time consuming. It is somewhat flattering that it is doing as well as it is though. It does do something for the ego when a product that you made is being sold and people are actually buying it. I now have booths set up at the Quilted Bear in Provo, Ogden, and the one in Midvale. And today I have spent ALL day setting up my web-site. I think I'm almost done. It isn't great cause I'm no web genius, but at least it's a web-site.

To catch you up, my family reunion in WA was great. The kids LOVEd it. Sammy is growing and still the apple of my eye. I will admit, however, that when he flips over before I have gotten his clean diaper on and crawls away, it frustrates me. I have also had to start telling him no and slapping his hand every so gently (he has a shoe feddish and thinks that every shoe belongs in his mouth). His bottom lip immediatly curls under and he gives me this look of complete confusion. The look isn't one of pain or being upset that he was scolded, but rather confusion. His mommy who adores him and smiles continually when she is with him, who kisses and plays with him non-stop, has just done something that is out of the ordinary and totally unexpected - she scolded me! Oh the horror. The second the lip curls under I immediately scoop him into my arms and kiss him and apologize. I'm such a sucker!

School starts on Monday (I'm not sure I can say HALLELUJAH loud enough). I keep telling myself that once school starts I will once again have time to get to the gym and maybe get rid of the muffin top that hides under my baggy shirts and the sausage arms once and for all! Yeah right, as I stuff another brownie into my mouth. Oh well - maybe I will get to the gym.

Other than that, all is pretty good (I won't go into the last fight Casey and I had). The kids are healthy (Jane is without Strep throat finally, she has only had it 3 times this summer), Cole is loving football - as is Casey, and I'm keeping busy with my little business.

I'll try to come up with a good, brutally honest entry next time!

Friday, August 15, 2008

I need help!

I'm wondering if anybody out there that reads this can give me some advice. As most of you know, I make and sell chore cards and chore boards. Well, I can't personally keep up with the demand any more and need them manufactured.

You may be saying that this is good news - and it is - kind of. The kind of comes in with my lack of knowledge. I may be able to tell you the number of electrons in Neon, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get these cards produced. I don't even know where to begin. I produced 3,500 of them this week and let me tell you, it just about killed me (not to mention my sister who was kind enough to help me sort them all).

If you have any advice at all, it would be greatly appreciated. Actually, the biggest source of frustration is punching a hole through them once they are laminated. Nobody seems to be able to do it (they broke the drill machine this week at kinkos trying). I need some sort of machine (or company) that is industrial enough to punch through heavy lamination and a lot of it.

I can get them printed and I have a source for the paper pretty cheap. I don't even mind laminating them myself - it's the hole punching. Have you ever single handedly, one at a time, hole punched 3,500 cards? Let me tell you that it is not fun and your left shoulder and pectoral muscle get really sore.

Okay, enough of the complaining. I have a great product, I can't keep up with the demand, and I need to know how to mass produce them - cheaply!

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Our newest addition!

I'm not sure how many of you were lucky enough to attend Taylorsville Dayz! It was great.

There we were (me, my sister and my mom) sitting in the shade, enjoying our outing, when over skips Kate with a bag in her hand. She was THRILLED to put it midly. She had "won" a small dwarf frog and there is was in all of it's glory.

For those of you that don't remember Molly the dog that we got months ago, I couldn't handle it and it was gone within one month (sold, not killed - although the thought did cross my mind). I don't do pets. They have never been my thing. I can only clean up so much poop.

Anyhoo, you have to understand that Kate's heaven would be Noah's Ark. Seriously! She LOVE animals and have always said she is going to be a vet and I believe her. At the zoo the animals come alive when she stands there. It's like she understands them and they love her.

I looked at the little frog and thought

"self, this looks like the perfect pet, it's small and required very little attention. I don't even have to clean up anything. I think that I can live with this"

Much to her amazement, I smiled and gave her $5 to go and buy the contianer that it needs to live in. Jane and Cole both followed suit, winning a frog and me giving them each $5 to have their own habitat for their frogs. They were thrilled to put it midly.

Jane dropped her container about one day later.The frog was fine and so it was put in a bowl on the kitchen counter. The next morning it was no longer in the bowl. Tears were shed and we went right down to the pet store and I bought her a new frog. She bought the "upgrade" habitat with her own $40 and was happy once again.

This morning I was at my sisters blending salsa (long story) and I got a phone call. Jane was in tears as she told me that her frog was white and bloated and dead (I'm pretty sure those were the words she used). I told her that I would get right in my car and come home.

Well, on the way home from my sisters, there's a PETCO. How could I resist. It was almost 9am, so I sat in the parking lot until they opened and when right in, Sammy in tow. I asked them for something that was not a frog and that was VERY maintenance free, and would not die anytime soon. $40 later I drove into the garage. Jane had just finished burying her frog (in my flower bed). I told her to look in the box, and you would have thought I had bought her the moon. She couldn't believe her eyes.

Her mom, who hates pets, bought her a replacement to mend her broken heart, voluntarily, without even having to be asked. She hugged me tight and expressed her appreciation. Here she is, Stella!

Monday, July 14, 2008

I guess it's about time I wrote something

Isn't the public school system great?

There are two kinds of moms in this world: those that love the school year and those that cherish that time each summer when their kids are home with them ALL day!

I am the first kind of mom. I LOVE LOVE LOVE having my days to myself. Well, not totally to myself, just without the screaming, fighting, yelling, pushing, shoving, crying, breakdowns, dishes, meals, and the boredom. Let's just say that I love having the kids in school.

Summer break is great for about 3 days and them I'm ready to have my kids back in school. I need that time to get my life organized and to just get everything done.

I guess it's mostly the quiet that I cherish the most and miss all summer long. If you have more than one girl, you know that the house is never quiet when they are around.

I thought I would have this nice, peaceful, slow summer. NOT SO! Doctor's appointments, dentist appointments, soccer, baseball, swimming, summer camps, and everything else that comes with summer has made my slow peaceful summer not so slow or peaceful at all.

You can always tell how busy I am by the number of entries I have on my blog. If I have time on my hands I will write. I am currently writing because I am sitting at the desk printing yet another batch of chore cards (only about 1000 of them), which will then need to be cut, laminated, every one gets a single hole punch, packaged, and sent out or taken to the Quilted Bear.

Only 30 more days until normal life resumes!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I moved from Arizona the year that I graduated from Mountain View High School. We had lived at 857 Barkley Street since I was 11 years old. Yeah, that's only about 7 years in the same house, but it was the longest that we had ever lived in one location and it was VERY hard to go.

My best memories are from that period of my life (and some of my worst).

I was never that girl that had a gazillion friends. I just needed one or two and with that, life was grand. I always had someone to confide in and someone's shoulder to cry on when Shawn, or Lee Richardson, or Brad Smith didn't see me quite the same way that I saw them.

I actually never felt like friends were all that important oddly enough. Sure, I wanted a few of them and always had a "best friend", but as I got older, I just didn't seem to care.

When we moved from Arizona, I never really realized what I was leaving. I only had a couple of people that I cared to keep in contact with anyway. The thing is, you don't realize how great it is to be where you were raised until you aren't around that anymore.

Everywhere we go around here Casey knows people. All we have to do is walk down the street or go to church and there is someone that he went to school with. I haven't had that since I left Arizona and didn't realize that it was something to be missed. It is!

The Wrights were on the other end of the Barkley and had 6 kids all pretty close to the same ages of our 6. Amy was and is 6 months older than me, putting her a year ahead of me in school. From the time I moved in, she was always that friend that was there. We weren't always "best friends", but always friends none-the-less. There were years of school where I hung out with only her and Brook and then years when other friends were a better fit.

I was at Amy's wedding, and she too was at mine (my first one that is). The last time I saw her was at my first wedding - 12 years ago.

I didn't see a need to really spend time with her or any other friends for that matter. As most of you know I have 5 sisters and love to be around them. I felt no need for other friends. They were seen as more of an inconvenience. How pathetic that I'm admitting that, but life gets busy and things get prioritized and friends fell lower and lower on the list.

Amy and I started email eachother again over a year ago and she was here last weekend.

I have to admit (she knows this) that I was really hesitant to have to spend time with an "old friend". What if it was awkward, or what if we didn't enjoy being together anymore? I was very concerned until I saw her. It was like we had hung out just the night before. I can't speak for her, but the two days we spent together were so much fun and I enjoyed every minute of it (my wallet didn't).

When she left I cried as she drove away. Not because I was crushed to see her go, but because it made me sad that I have chosen to live without that part of my life for so long. I was sad because I had lost a part of me when I turned 18 and went off to college and left behind my "goofy" self. I was just sad that she was leaving and that I was going to have to go back to my normal self.

I was different with her around. She knew me all through young womens. She knew me when I was at my very happiest, carefree self. Nobody knows me like that - not even my sisters. She knows a side of me that I was only ever comfortable showing to my closest friends. She knows things about me that nobody else in this world knows and I loved being with an old friend that knows me so well and loves me so much.

I miss Amy. I miss being around that "comfort" and realized that there is NOTHING in the world like an old friend, someone that has known you 25 years and not been related.

I have promised myself that I will not go another 12 years without seeing her because she did make me feel young again, and more myself than I have felt in a very long time.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with my life. I love being a mother and a wife. I love having all that I have. I have a very nice life, but there is something to be said for feeling 16 again and for being with someone that knows you for that long and that well.

So, my opinion has changed. I do need friends and I want them. Yes, I still adore my sisters, but I want that part of my life that I share with only friends back and I'm taking it back.

There's nothing like an old friend to make you feel young and carefree again.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I think that there is a reason that over 3 million copies of this book have sold. That's really not a mystery. The only mystery is that only 3 million copies have sold. How many women are in this world? How many of them do too much? That would be all of them. Can you imagine a book that was titled this way for men? Is there even a man that thinks, or feels, or is doing too much? I don't think so. I realize that my husband is going to be rolling his eyes, but oh well. I'm feeling tired and overwhelmed and just feel like complaining.
Here is my current list of complaints:
Jane has strep throat for the second time this month (try keeping an 8 year old in her room for 24 strait hours. Sounds good until you have to do it)
My house is currently 83 degrees. Thats INSIDE!
I have that lovely sweat puddle between my breasts (never was a problem prior to my implants)
I taste like salt due to the continual sweat.
Dinner sucked tonight.
Sammy is teeting big time and won't be put down for more than 2 seconds. He won't even go to Casey without screaming the entire time. FUN!
My jeans are just a little tighter than I would like.
Jane hit Katy when she wouldn't leave the bedroom.
I forgot to put in an order of vinyl names for a chore board that was ordered last week and needs to be delivered this weekend.
The basement heater was on oddly enough when I went down to do some work, adding to the sweat puddle between the boobies.
I have to make an apron that was ordered last week and keep putting it off thinking that I will do it this weekend (I will have no choice at that point)
My head is about to explode from the pounding headache that has been with me all day. Perhaps it has to do with teh fact that my house will not cool down.
Our electric bill will be around $500 this month because our air conditioner runs around the clock (not exaggerating) and it is still at sweat house in here.
We now get to spend $5000 to upgrade our air conditioning and get a whole second unit so that our house will actually stay cool. That's when we have that much just lying around!
My dishwasher no longer cleans the dishes, so I end up hand washing a good portion of them every morning.
The microwave still rattles every time it gets turned on.
The water line freezes about every other day on the fridge, and the sink water is nasty.
My abs hurt from a pilates/yoga workout yesterday.
I didn't get the the gym today due to the doctors appoinment for Jane.
I ate an entire Snickers Ice Cream bar tonight when nobody was looking.
It's 8:30 and I feel like it's midnight.
Jane's sitting on the "snotty spot" for the second time tonight (you know, for hitting Kate).
Kate spent a total of about 50 minutes on the snotty spot today for talking back to me!
I lost my temper this morning over breakfast, and again at lunch.
The laundry is still not done.
I think that the list is just about endless - that's probably the most discouraging thing. However, I will admit that just like the list of complaints and things not perfect in my overachieving life (again Casey, I'm sure you are rolling your eyes and laughing inside), I have a list of great things that happened today:
Kate played her first baseball game!
Sammy gave me more kisses then I think I wanted (got to love slobber and snot kisses).
My husband passionately kissed me this morning (I think he was just being silly, but I loved it none-the-less)
Jane and I stopped for Slurpies after her huge, nasty shot of antibiotic.
I filled three orders of chore cards.
I get to spend time with my sister tomorrow.
I didn't get to the gym.
Katy hugged me.
Jane came up and kissed my cheeck for no reason.
Cole was here for the day.
The floors got vacuumed, swept, and mopped.
My bathroom got 80% clean.
I got 3 loads of laundry done.
I showered and got dressed all before 10am.
I love my husband.
I have money in the bank.
I have a fan blowing directly on me to hopefully dry up that sweat puddle!
And more. So inspite of the feeling like I have way too much to do and am always trying to hit a mark that is unattainable - I'm doing pretty darn good. If the worst thing in my life is that my house is a sauna, my appliances are all shutting down, and Jane keeps getting strep, then I would say that my life is pretty good.
I think as women we all do this to ourselves. We all have this imaginary mark that we are always trying to hit. We are always trying to be better and put on this image of perfection for everyone to see. The truth is that it just isn't that way. I lose my temper and say things I shouldn't. I leave piles of clothes on the bathtub edge. I don't load the dishwasher as often as I should, and my laundry room is an embarassment (not to mention my thighs).
So now you all know that I'm not perfect, or even close to it. My days are overwhelming, but filled with just enough sweet moments to make all the frustrations disappear. As long as it stays that way things will be just fine.
I am blessed!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

My latest addition to my Soap Star Mom line.

This is the third attempt at finding an apron to sell that I love. It's been SO frustrating. The picture below is the original one (child size on my adorable child dress form). The original was cute. I had them made in adult and child sizes, but they were lacking. So I found a new pattern and they are currently being made. However, I had to go and meet with the seamstress last week because they looked funny (I combined two patterns to make one that I thought I would like). We worked out some of the problems, but I left very discouraged. I realized that there was no pattern out there that was the same as the one in my head so I sat down and started drawing and the above apron is what I came up with!

I went to the fabric store and found three different fabrics that I thought would go well together and came home and got to work. I used tissue paper to figure out the pattern for the bodice and went from there. It was not an easy task because I am NOT the best seamstress (as you would be able to tell if you looked closely enough at the finished product). There were many seams that had to be ripped out and redone.

The really funny thing is that I made the pattern to fit this adult woman dress form that I bought to display the aprons. You wouldn't think it was funny until you realized that this particular dress form (like most of them) is about a size 0! I put the bodice on her and it looked SO good. They I thought to myself "self, I had better try this on a real person". It looked like I was trying to squeeze into one of Katy's tank tops. Not so pretty!

Adjustments were made and I quit using the dress form from that point on. I became my own dress form (because my body is so perfect and all - LOL).

When all was said and done I was very pleased. It still isn't perfect and still isn't EXACTLY what I want, but generally. I will make a few more changes on the next one before I have the seamstress get to work on making a lot of them. I do love them. I tried to make a pattern that would flatter most women's body types and I think that this does it.

I love the fabric, I love the pattern I created, and I just love this apron and am pround to sell it (once I make it perfect of course)!

Now I have to shrink the pattern down so that I can have child size ones made too. My back is killing me and I'm exausted, but couldn't be more proud of myself. I took what was in my head and created it - all by myself!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I've never claimed to be a gardener (did I spell that correctly?), or even claimed to like it a little bit. And after my last planting experience a couple of weeks ago, I swore I was DONE for the year! Then I drove past someone's house that had rows of Gladiolas.

I pushed back the feeling of wanting that beauty in front of my home and thought how incredibly beautiful it would be to have them lining my fence where nothing but some ugly, small bushes reside.

Then today Casey did it - he told me that we needed something in the one pot that didn't have anything in it yet and it was a domino effect. All of a sudden we decided to leave the one pot on the walkway and get two new ones for the door, and the list goes on.

Off to Home Depot I went with a smile on my face. Buying the flowers and pots is always the fun part. It's cramming them in your SUV when you have 5 twelve packs of diet coke and an astronimically large stroller back there. Not to mention the little bins that you pretend to organize things in.

None-the-less, I went, I conquered, and came home and planted. Let's just say it was a good thing that no children accompanied me on my trip, they would have been strapped to the roof of the car!

Like I said, I don't love planting - I just LOVE the effect. As I was thinking about this while planting, I realized that there are a lot of things in life like that. We may not necessarily love the journey, but the result is SO worth it.

I honestly walk out my front door and gaze at my flower beds and pots. I love them. I love driving up to my home. I turn the corner onto Mt. Hood Drive and when I see my house I am grateful. I'm grateful that I have such a lovely home and that I made it that way. Me - I planted almost every plant we have (not the trees or shrubs). I am grateful that I have a husband that provides so well so that I can go and buy flowers and pots. I'm just grateful.

I can't wait now until all of the gladiolas I planted come up - all 72 of them! So maybe I went a little overboard, but I have a tendancy to do that (have you seen my chest)!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ground Turkey Anyone?

This is what happens when you have never tasted ground up turkey and don't ever want to taste it again. Maybe I shouldn't think this is so funny - but I do. I did throw it out after the last bite shown so that he never has to taste it again. He's a real fruit boy!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Any Day Now!

This last week Sammy decided that laying there, not being able to reach anything, was not fun any longer. He has just figured out that if he gets up on his knees like he is doing in the above picture, he can lunge forward and get what he is after. It's pretty funny. There's a lot of grunting involved! I'm assuming that one of these times he may realize that he can move his legs independently and actually begin to really crawl. How fun will that be?

I was reading my friends blog this morning before I went walking, and was really touched by her entry. She mentioned what she missed about having babies and small children. Her's are teenagers now. It made me realize how blessed I am to have 4 wonderful children. I remember when Kate and Jane were born. I was young and in a not so great marriage. Having kids was expected and not necessarily desired. I didn't love those babies like I should have.

Don't get me wrong - I was a great mom, full of kisses, hugs, and songs, but I didn't enjoy it like I do now. Having a baby at 35 was the best.

After Jane was born my marriage to Mike really fell apart and it became very evident that we could no longer pick up the pieces and we divorced. Jane was only 1 and Kate was 3. It was a very difficult time in my life. I was back in school full time, going through a divorce, and wondering how I was going to get through the next few years of my life. I moved in with my parents in Ogden so that I could go back to school full time, transferred from BYU to WSU and when to school for 3 years without a break taking the maximum and more number of credit hours I could to just get done. I majored in a field that I didn't necessarily love, but chose it because I knew that a science teach would alwyas have a job and an english teach wouldn't. It was a very difficult major and I have to admit that I was just tired a lot.

I just didn't relish in my small children like I should have. I did spend all my time outside of school with them. I wouldn't study or do any school work when I was at home because I felt that it wasn't fair to them. I did all that I could to enjoy them. People used to ask me if I was sad that I wasn't having babies still. No. Honestly, after Jane was born life was hard and I didn't miss babies even a little bit. I needed to be sleeping all night rather than getting up each time you hear a noise. I was happy that I was no longer toting car seats and diaper bags. I had no desire to hold other peoples babies and just plain didn't want on. That is until Jane was about 6. By that time I was done with school and working and longing for what I didn't have.

Casey and I had been through a few years of struggling to just stay together, and by the time Jane was almost 7, we were married for the third time and both ready to have a baby. I wanted a baby so badly I could taste it. For the first time my heart broke for women that went years without being able to have a child. My soul literally ached and cried for those women that try and try and just can't have babies. After three months of "trying" we got pregnant and I cried.

I cried out of joy and fear, and I cried out of saddness for those women that never felt that joy of a postitive pregnancy test. Then I just got sick and had a horrible pregnancy. But the day Sammy was born my life changed.

Everyone thought I was crazy for giving up the easy life I was enjoying. My kids were independant and easy. They could feed themselves and clean up after themselves, and rarely puked. It logically didn't make sense, but it made sense to my soul and Sammy became a very wanted part of my life.

With the girls I'm sorry to say that I was impatient. I hated getting up during the night and hated it when I couldn't figure out what was wrong. I have never felt that way with Sammy. I can honestly say that I have loved every second of having him. No, I don't enjoy being puked on over and over and I don't love getting up earlier than I could like, but I cherish each and every smile. I love the smell of his neck when I kiss it and the sound of his laughter when I tickle him. I love the seeing him run his tongue over his two bottom teeth out of amazment that something is there. I love that when he sees me coming he almost bursts with excitment. I love that he grabs my face and gives me huge open mouth kisses. I'm telling you, it's the strangest thing what having a baby after going so long without one will do to you. I love him and treasure his so dearly that I can't imagine how I every went without him. He is the sweetest child that God could have sent to me. I always told the girls that when Heavenly Father was looking for which spirits to send to me, he looked through all the heaven and chose the two most beautiful, most kind, most sweetest girls up there, and those are the ones that he sent to me. I would tell them that they are my most precious gift from God and that he must love me so much to send me his two most precious daughters.

Now I look at Sammy and tell him the same thing, but as a boy. I tell him that Heavenly Father looked through the whole heaven and found a boy that was so sweet and kind and tender. A boy also full of laughs and happiness, and that is the one he chose to send to me, that he must love me more than anyone else to have given me this gift.

I truly feel that way about my children. Each time I look at them I am amazed that our Heavenly Father trusts me to raise them. Me, who is vain, impatient, and not nearly as wonderful a mother as most women I know. He trusts me with them. I have learned to love my children more with the birth of Sammy and to enjoy each day and each scent. I have learned so much with the birth of this boy and am grateful every single day to have him.

I may not do everything right, but I know that my Heavenly Father does love me - if for no other reason than he gave me these three incredible souls to grace my life.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Our Latest Dance Lesson Provided Great Results!

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Try JibJab Sendables!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Obese you say (I say it to myself only)

I am so sick of looking in the mirror and I'm just a little upset with myself. Let me tell you why - as if you couldn't guess from the image I added. Well, when Casey and I decided to start "trying" to have a baby, I was a nice and slender 130 lbs and feeling good about life. I didn't exercise and ate in moderation, but never deprived myself of too much. Genetics was good to me - very good. A couple of months after "trying" I noticed that my belly was getting a little soft and hoped as I stood in the shower looking at it, that I was pregnant. Cause if I wasn't, my belly was disgusting and the few pounds I had let myself gain were not justified. Nope - negative test. Dang - that meant I was just gaining weight.

The next month I did get pregnant and started with the best of intentions. With Kate and Jane I gained 40 lbs and hated losing it, but always did. This time was going to be different I told myself. This time I was going to exercise and eat less - way less. Wrong again, I think I went on a total of maybe 6 walks and the whole eating way less idea, not a chance. Every donut, ding dong, and container of ice cream was mine. Casey got to the point when we would go to dinner that he would just let the server know that we would be ordering a huge dessert to go, which I would wolf down in record time a couple of hours later.

I told myself that it was okay, I take good care of myself and watch what I eat continually when I'm not pregnant and this is my chance to just not worry about it. Well, worry about it I did every single day when I tried to squeeze my legs that could have been mistaken for oversized sausages into my pants. The XL just weren't fitting like they should. I had to admit that I was fat and had let myself go.

Sammy was due on Nov. 23rd and the last month I was in so much pain that I couldn't move much at all - add on more weight. By the beginning of November I was 180 lbs. Thats 50 lbs - yes I said 50 lbs. - more than when I started. I was so happy when my water broke on Nov. 8th, not because Sammy was coming, but because my weight gain was over and I was now on the down hill side (that and I could finally walk again). Can you believe that I only lost about 15 lbs with the birth of Sammy? I couldn't. Now listen, I realize that I have had other children and am always the one telling new moms that you go home in maternity clothes and cry for a while when your skinny jeans don't go right on. Let's just say I cried when I looked at myself and still do.

Sammy is 6 months old and I weight 155 lbs (151 on a good day). Can you believe that? I can't. That means that in 6 months I have lost only 25 lbs. That is pathetic. I know, the saying is that it took 9 months to gain the weight, so it should take 9 months to lose the weight. I HATE that saying, mostly because I can see the writing on the wall. 9 months my butt (no pun intended). I am still wearing one of the two pairs of pants that acutally fit and REFUSE to buy new clothes to fit my soft and overweight body. I HATE dressing each and every morning and am to the point where I just don't know what to do. I can't do weight watchers - I hate keeping track of my food and being depressed each week when I've only lost 1/2 a lb. (peeing before hand can account for that loss). I walk 2 miles every morning with my sister and it's a brisk walk. I mean, I really work up a sweat during my walk. I LOVE to eat, but really do try to watch what I eat. I need some help ladies. I can't stand looking at myself any longer. I want to fit back into all of my clothes that I love. I can't even wear my t-shirts anymore because when I wore a short sleeve one last week I threw-up in my mouth when I saw my arms in the mirror. They looked like two stuffed sausages sticking out of a way too small shirt. My boobs were HUGE and my arms were even huger. You would think that the large boobs would detract from the sausage arms - no. I think that because they are on the same level as the boobs, they are just as noticable. Sad isn't. I cried and changed my shirt.

Tell me how I can lose my last 20 lbs and how I can make my butterfly sausage arms go away - now!! And lipo isn't an option - it isn't in the budget or believe me, I would have already done that! After all, I am not against plastic surgery, my boobs that draw attention to my sausage arms are proof of that!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Casey's Blog Spot

So, my funny husband wanted his own blog. He really enjoys reading up on everyone that we know (that has blogs). He always wants to write things and share his life. I think it's very endearing. Anyway, you need to go and visit it. You will see a different side of Casey than the one you are most likely familiar with. Don't laugh too hard at the name of the site - I had to set up the blog and used a phrase that I have always thought of when I think of Casey. I thought it on our first date and have been singing it ever since. You know the tune "Casey Jr. comin down the track, comin down the track". Funny thing is that Casey isn't familiar with it. I just had to put the picture of the train to show that it actually does exist! I love my Casey. His blog is

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I had something to do, and asked Casey to hold Sammy for a minute. He (Sammy, not Casey) was so tired, but I was trying to keep him up since it was close to bedtime. You have to know something about Sammy - he NEVER falls asleep on a person. I trained him to fall asleep on his own, so to him that means in a bed - any bed, not on a person. Sometimes I wish that he would fall asleep on me, but oh well. Anyway, I wasn't away from them for more than 5 minutes and this is what I came back to. Notice that Sammy is still holding his toy.

This is my life- DROOL. I have never seen a child drool like Sammy. Wait, Casey reminds me that Quinn (my sister's baby) drooled just as much, if not more. Each day I put clean clothes on Sam, and an hour later he is wet down to his belly button. I don't bother changing him - it's a losing battle. I'm used to the fountain of drool. However, we do finally have a tooth to show for all the slobber.
And here is what my boy looks like yesterday and today, and this picture doesn't do the nose justice. He is sick and now not only am I deeling with the fountain of drool, but we now have the river of snot mixing with it. It's lovely. Although I will admit that inspite of the drool/bugar river, when he smiles through it my heart melts. Even sick he is happy and cute. And you have to admit that those blue eyes do off set the nasty bottom half of the face. If you could only see his shirt - totally gross.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

MayDay Festival at Wheeler Farms

On May 10th I have been asked to be a vendor at the Mayday Festival at Wheeler Farms. Okay - I know that it isn't like I was asked to be at the utah state "what women want festival", but hey, you have to start somewhere. It's a start and will give me a good idea of whether or not my little chore boards and cards will even sell. I obvioulsy think they are awesome and love them, but it's like our children - we all think our own kids are the most beautiful babies and children, when in reality we walk down the grocery store isle and people are start to believe that aliens really do exist! Anyway, it looks like there are going to be some fun activities there and it's free, so if you have nothing better to do, come on over and at least keep me company for a minute :) Or you could just come and completely ignore me because you are embarrassed to know the vendor that hasn't sold anything :) That would be okay too.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Soy Formula Anyone?

Sammy and his tummy have developed an aversion to all formulas that aren't similac - nice. He was allergic to normal formula, so is on soy and it's great. Anyway, I have probably 12 cans of enfamil soy and maybe 4 cans of carnation soy. I don't want them to just go to waste and I know if I try to give them to Sammy he will start puking - or just refuse to drink his bottles (I tried to sneak one past him to see if I could get away with it - no can do - he wouldn't take his bottle after a couple of sucks).

If you know anyone that could use this formula they are welcome to have it for free. I recieved it free from a pediatrician. They just have to come and get it and it's all theres.

Let me know if I have any takers -

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sisters are the best

I spent the day with my mom in Ogden along with 2 of my 4 sisters, and my only sister-in-law on that side. Can I just say that I LOVE having sisters. I'm not exactly sure what people do that don't have sisters. I always have said that I don't need many friends because I have sisters. If I could choose 5 people to go on vacation with - it would be my sisters. If I needed help, they are the ones that I call. I always love being with which ever one I am with and go away feeling that I am the luckiest girl in the world to have such great sisters. It wasn't always that way mind you - we used to fight like cats and dogs. My oldest sister Lisa (the only one NOT in Utah) would sneek into my room before school. She was in high school, and I was in jr. high. Her school started way before mine, so while I was still sleeping, she would sneek in and "borrow" my clothes. After school she would trot in the house wearing something I was looking for. I would kind of go crazy and she would mumbe something about "asking me". Sure she asked me - it was 5 in the morning and I was incoherant - I would have said she could cut my hair off at that point in the day. Now she has 5 kids and lives outside of Sacramento. She is the tiniest of all of us and just keeps getting smaller. Jen and I NEVER got along. When she was in 12th grade, I was in 10th grade. We had an open campus at our high school and could therefore go home or anywhere else for lunch. She had the car (a 1970 Blazer with turquiose interior) and if I wanted to go home with her and her friends, I had to sit in the very back, behind the back seat, crouched on the floor with teh spare tire and not make a sound or I wouldn't get a ride home. Now she has 4 kids, lives in Springville and is the NICEST person in the entire world - just genuinly nice. What happened there? Sam, my closest sibling, 15 months younger than me, is married to Melissa. I didn't grow up with her, but can only imagine that we would have fought horribly. She came over one day after I had Sammy and made me 10 meals that she prompltly put in my freezer. She is very generous. Emily is hysterical. She is 5 years younger than me and was the family slave. Everyone has one. She is the kid that would happily go and get you that glass of water when you ate too much popcorn - even if we wouldn't pause the movie for her. And if by some odd chance she said no, you could always convince her using manipulation. Now she lives 5 minutes from me, has three kids, and we go walking each morning and probably spend too much time together. Renee is the baby. She is 7 years younger than me, married and has one child. She was a snot - let's just be honest. If she's reading this, there will be one of two options - she will admit it and think that it's funny, or get really defensive and be mad at me. She was doted on pretty much from the day she was born, although when my mom brought her home from teh hospital we all thought she looked like a rat/piglet. She's grown out of that! She is the FUNNIEST FUNNIEST FUNNIEST person in the entire world and keeps us laughing continually, until you upset her that is - then she lays into you, starts crying and storms out the door.

It's funny, but you never realize growing up just how much you will love these people when you become adults. YOu don't realize that they wll be your closest friends, your confidant, the person that you go to when you want to share the best news and the person that you cry with when something goes wrong. They are the people that I would choose to be with on any given day (other than my little family of course - wait, even then I would probably choose to be with them over my kids). I would go to the ends of the earth to help any one of them. When my sister Jens baby was born with a congenital heart defect 3 years ago I wanted more than anything to be with her and to take away her pain. I saw her cry as her baby was lying in the NICU, and cried with her. I felt as though my own child were lying there. With each heart surgery he when through, I cried with her and also did everything I could to make her smile. There isn't one of my sisters that wouldn't take that pain away from her. I still cry when I think about the times in the hospital and the difficulty she has gone through with that sweet boy. There isn't one of us that doesn't feel that pain with her on some level. We love each other so much and I'm so grateful for sisters. I wouldn't survive in this crazy and sad world without the sunshine that each of them brings into my day. When I'm down, the phone rings. When I'm happy, I share it with them. When I make too much food - I invite them over for dinner. We have so much fun together and I am eternally grateful that we get to enjoy eachother forever. There aren't 5 other women that I would choose to share eternity with. I can only hope that I have been the kind of sister to them that htey have continually been for me. They are a wonderful example of all that a mother, housewife, sister, and daughter should be and I love them dearly.

Monday, April 14, 2008

It's about time I wrote something I suppose

It's funny how time goes by and each day I figure that nothing interesting, or worth writing about, has happened. I think that my life is pretty boring I suppose - and it probably is. I do pretty much the same thing every day. Here's a rough schedule (it probably looks REALLY familiar):

6am- get up and feed Sammy
6:30 - go on a walk with my sister Emily
7:15 - make sure the girls are on track with getting ready for school
7:45 - get in an argument with Kate over something disrespectful that she said to me or Casey, or even Jane for that matter
8:00 - sit down on the stairs after the girls run out the door to catch their ride to school and just breathe
8:15 - have a bowl of cereal
8:30 - go make the bed and pick up my bedroom
8:45 - get Sammy, who is practically hollering for me at this point
9:00 - change and feed Sammy some fruit which ends up all over the place, although it is pretty cute - he eats a couple of bites, and then insists on sucking his thumb for a minute. It's makes for a messy breakfast - but oh well - he loves it.
9:30 - sing and play with Sammy for a few minutes and put him down for his nap, and run for the shower before I consiously realize that he really doesn't want to go down for a nap quite so soon, but seeing as I can't stand the smell and feel of myself after my brisk walk, I want to at least rinse off and pretend that he's quietly sleeping upstairs.
9:45 - by this point I've showered, gotten dressed, brushed my teeth, put on a minimal amount of makeup, tried to get my hair done, taken my birth control (I don't want to miss that at this point in my life), and then run up and make sure Sammy hasn't had his morning poopy diaper. He smiles at me when he sees me above his crib. I usually pick him up and sit in the rocking chair and kiss him and talk to him for a few minutes before returning him to his place of sleep so that I can get something done.
10:00 - he usually falls asleep by this point (I'm sure it's the kisses and talks that we have) and I am already half way done with the kitchen, have a load of laundry in the washing machine, and am sweeping the floor.
10:30 - by this point, I'm usually hungry again and have a couple of pieces of toast or a granola bar and keep moving. Some mornings the floors get mopped, and some mornings the shower gets scrubbed (not nearly enough mornings I will admit).
11:00 - Sammy is up at this point and I run up and get him, kiss him a million times, change him, get him dressed for the day, feed him a bottle, and I'm off. This is the only time of day I run errands (except after bed time of course). I figure I have one good hour where he is well behaved to get as much done as possible. It's amazing how many groceries you can gt in 30 minutes when you really have to. He is put in the baby bjorn and stares at people the whole time. He's really very good. I found that I couldn't fit the groceries in the cart with him in it also, hence the baby bjorn.
12:00 - get Sammy down for a nap and unload any "stuff" from the car that I have purchased and try to find room for it in the pantry or anywhere else I can pretend that something else will fit in.
12:30 - I've usually done about 2 - 3 loads of laundry at this point, so am scrambling to get things put away, hung up, and just generally clearned off the table - after all, the girls will be home from school soon and have to do homework, or just have the table to mess up.
1:30 - I remember that I should probably eat some lunch, and while Sammy is still sleeping, I should also check my emails or do what I'm doing now. I usually work on my chore cards for about an hour each day during this nap time too.
2:00 - Get Sammy up, change him, give him a bottle, burp him, and play with him for a minutes (like 10), then let him play on the ground or in his bouncy thingy and continue with my stuff.
2:15 - think "oh crap what can I fix for dinner tonight" and scramble through recipes or the freezer trying to come up with something that will please most everyone.
2:30 - Move Sammy to a different location because he's getting bored in teh previous one and kiss him and love him for a minute. Fold another load of laundry and put that away.
2:45 - get Sammy and go and get the girls from school.
3:15 - get in another argument with one of the girls over their supposed homework or whereabouts of the spelling words and why they can't play quite yet. Put Sammy down for yet another nap and hope that he goes for it.
4:00 - clean up the kitchen and run the dishwasher and get whatever meal I've planned started for dinner that night.
Between 4:30 and 5:00 - get Sammy up and feed him and scramble around with a baby in my arms (this is his grumpy time) while trying to brown ground meat or make biscuits. Continue asking the girls to help holding Sammy (which they actually do alot, just not for any extended period of time, which at this point, is what he needs). I've usually exploded at least once and we have already seen way too many tears by this time of the day. There have no doubt been things said by me that I'm feeling incredibly guilty about and promising myself that I won't do again, that I can do better. Hug the girls and make sure to tell them that I love them and REALLY appreciate all that they do to help me. Kate rolls her eyes as I tell her and try to hug her, and Jane keeps singing and dancing around like she's tinkerbell (it sounds cute until you've been listening to it for 3 hours strait). So I ask her agian to stop because at this point in the day, I'm just plain tired and feel like I"m going to have a nervous break down.
6:00 - the table gets set by one of the girls (kate does the dishes MWF and Jane does them TTHS) and it all comes together. The meal is on the table, Casey is walking in, Sammy is crying, and I typically look like I've been run over by a semi, but we all sit down and have a meal together. No doubt there is some complaining about the meal, and I once again feel dissapointed that my meal isn't LOVED by all, but get over it quickly.
7:00 - make sure the kitchen has been cleaned correctly. Bathe Sammy, feed him and put him to bed. Again, after kissing him a gazilion times and singing him his nightly lullaby (more for me than him I think). He is usually out cold within 5 minutes and I sit.
8:00 - Start telling teh girls to get ready for bed and argue with them about bed time snacks, brushing teeth, getting their laundry put away and so forth. There's always something when you have two daughters.
8:30 - get the girls in bed and listen to them bounce around for the next 1/2 hour until I loose it and holler up at them to stop or I'm going to come up there and then they will really be in trouble (yeah right is what's going through their mind because they know that by this time of the day, I'm DONE DONE DONE and can't handle life).
9:00 - get ready for bed and climb in it with a bowl of cereal (frosted flakes to be exact) and turn the tv on. I don't even care what I watch anymore - I just want something mindless to help me relax.
10:00 - watch the first 15 mintues of the news until the I see the weather report/forcast, talk to Casey for a few minutes, turn out the light and I'm done until it all starts over 7 hours later.

What's interesting about my life. Sure the errands vary from day to day, and sometimes I clean the bathroom rather than vacuum the stairs. Some days I even decide to organize a room and the floor doesn't get swept that day. There are days that I bake cookies, days that I visit my mom in Ogden, or days that I just go to my sisters house and sit, eat, and just enjoy being! But for the most part I guess my life is boring. It's my life though and I wouldn't change it. I love my boring life. I love walking into Sammy's room after each nap and seeing those blue eyes look up at me and a huge grin come over his entire face. I love the hugs that I sometimes get from the girls. I love listening for the garage door to open, signaling the arrival of my husband. True, I don't love cleaning toilets, scrubbing the shower (you would know that if you saw it I'm afraid), folding piles of laundry, or even making dinner - but's it's my job and I'm happy to do it every single day. I am grateful taht I get to do i,t, that I get to be at home taking care of all of those things. Monotonous - YES, But I wouldn't have it any other way (okay that's a lie because if I was a millionair I would probably have a personal trainer come to my home, and house keeper, and my errands would eto places like Nordstroms rather than Walmart).

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Check out my new project!

So, for the last year I have been using these chore cards that I made. I LOVE them. It's taken me a while to find a system that works for me and my family, but this one seems to do the trick. Anyway, I made enough for my sisters and they seem to like them too. Someone told me I should sell them, so hey - I figure, why not? So there you go - you can go to my link listed above my friends and family section on the right hand column and see what I have. If your curious that is? I have no idea if it actually works, as far as if you buy something. I am working on setting up my own actual web site so that it is found through a google search, but for now, this is what I have. By the way, I really won't care or be offended if nobody buys them :)

Jane's Baptism Day!!!

Last Saturday Jane was baptized. It was a really great day. A few months ago Mike, Jane's dad, came to me and told me that he knows that Jane loves Casey and that he is her "dad" too, therefore, he felt like it was best if Casey could baptize her and he would confirm her. I was really grateful that he put Jane's feeling first and wanted her to have the best of both her worlds. So that's what happened - Casey baptized her and Mike confirmed her. She sat right in between them both during the meeting and it was really touching. I appreciate that both her dads get along with eachother and keep the best interests of the girls in front of their own wants. I have never seen anyone SO excited to be baptized. She could hardly wait and invited all of her friends. She was just so happy that it was finally time for her to be baptized. Both Casey and Mike did great in their respective jobs. Jane didn't go under all of the way the first time (her legs flew up), and so Casey just dunked her again and then was told that he had to actually do the whole thing again - prayer and all. So, they did it again and the third time was the charm. I told her that it's not everyone that gets to be baptized three times - how lucky is she?
I love my Jane so much. She has ALWAYS been a ray of sunshine in my life. She is the most generous, kind person I have every known. I'm not kidding - she always makes sure that her siblings have as much as more as her and is always buying things for them and sharing everything that she has. She is kind to everyone and always makes sure that nobody is left out. She is a GREAT example to me. She loves me and snuggles with me all of the time and I wouldn't trade her for the world. She has always marched to the beat of her own drum and has NEVER cared what anyone thinks about her. She wears what she wants and does just what she wants and is always the leader in every circle of friends. She spends more time making sure her appearance is to HER satisfaction than anyone I know and does a wonderful job taking care of herself. She is graceful, beautiful, kind, selfless, sweet, loving, and very smart and funny. I absolutely adore her and am SO SO SO proud of her. I know that she will continue to make good decisions and to do what is right. I love her.