Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I got on here to show Sammy an OLD video of him when he was a baby and realized that I'm a blogging loser! I didn't post one thing in 2014! and not much the year prior either. What the heck! I guess I'm kind of busy :)

So I think I will catch you all up (all three of you that actually still use blogs). We moved at the end of 2013 into a stand alone house (rather than a townhouse) and enjoyed doing yard work all summer and sammy enjoyed the HUGE driveway and sidewalks and neighbors, and still does. It's a better situation than our house and we love it. Sammy learned to ski last year and we all have seasons passes this year and are throuroughly enjoying ourselves so far, even if there isn't much snow. Here are some pictures to update you of our last year.

Gosh Dang! Looking at these few pictures, we are a fun family and Katy goes to lots of dances. We do have fun, but we also have a messy house and I don't cook dinner nearly as much as I should. My new goal this year was to cook 3 times a week. So far I think I've barely hit it! I'm terrible!! But my kids love cereal and toast and I hate actually putting time and effort into cooking (which I hate) and having nobody eat much, or hear them complain. So I figure not cooking is kind of a win win!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Well, it's been 4 years since I last moved and I ran out of projects and my trailers could only go through so much remodeling. So, I figured it was time to move.

Actually, I have been looking for the last two years and finally found a home that I think will work perfectly. It isn't in my ideal neighborhood, which is my current ward, but it is still in my current little city I love and adore. It will be lots of fun remodeling and redecorating (and there is plenty of floral wallpaper and borders to rip down; yuck) and give me years of things to do. But MOST importantly, it is giving the kids a yard. You have no idea how much a yard and driveway with basketball hoops mean until you don't have one. The kids are THRILLED to say the least. I can't wait. We close in a week from today; I hope!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My latest project

As soon as school was done I started on my pop up trailer! It was fine and I loved my trailer, but it wasn't "me" and as my family put it, I ran out of things to redecorate in my house and all that was left was my trailer. So, redecorate my trailer I did! So here are some before and after pictures. It took a full week and a lot of work, but I LOVE the end product and can't wait to go camping next week.

 I realize that the before pictures don't have the dining areas set up, but you can clearly see the fabric and cabinets. 
 What you won't see is that I also took down those dreary curtains and redid those. I took off the clip tape stuff on the back of the old curtains to reuse it on the new ones so that I didn't have to repurchase that tape; I think it would have been expensive and reusing it worked just great and it just clipped right back onto the rails. Looks fabulous, but you don't see that in the after pictures.
 Don't you love the fake wood on all the cabinets. It covered every surface other than the floor, which was a white linoleum and showed so much dirt, which is why I had the lovely braided rug. 
 Here you can see the new flooring really well. I used a really cheap peel and stick laminate. It was VERY thin and super easy to lay. I used a utility knife to cut it and did a pretty great job. It was only 98 cents a square foot and I think ended up costing a total of about $35. Took a full day to lay it and I LOVE it! 

You can see that I chose red for the cabinets and a creamy white for all of the other wood covered material, like under the seats and around the perimeter of the trailer. I also reused the tan edging on all of the cabinets. They just pulled off and after painting, I just put the edging right back on with a light tap of the hammer.

The fabric is upholstery fabric that I got at a discount fabric store. It was only $3/yard and I LOVE it. You can't really see it, but in each blue stripe there is a small red pin stripe that matches the red in the cabinets. My sister in law as good enough to help me with sewing all of the cushions. It took two days. I picked out the old cushions so that I could reuse the back panel that had the zipper already attached and the bottom of each cushion that is made of a vinyl. It saved on fabric and also saved on me having to buy TONS of zippers and spend the money and time on something already there. Best idea I ever had was to reuse those two panels from the cushions!
 I don't use sleeping bags in my trailer, it's not something I can easily wash. I use bedding; real bedding. I have got red sheets to match the red theme and had the white blankets already. I also bought a small mirror at TJ Maxx on clearance for $10 that I used velcro tabs to adhere it to the door. When I'm ready to fold up the trailer and the door, I can just take it off since it's velcroed on  and put it away and then reattach it when I pop it up!
Overall I LOVE it! I can't even begin to tell you the difference that a small makeover made. I have no idea how well the paint will hold up. I used a spray paint primer on everything and then a regular latex paint over that. I would have rather used a spray paint, but it wasn't working well. I did use a black spray paint for all of the hardware which I took off and painted; well worth the time there for sure!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

You go Girl!!!

I would post a picture, but I'm at work, so I don't have my library of pictures here! Oh well. Just wanted to share the great news that Jane is amazing! At the beginning of the year she said that she wanted to run for 7th grade office (they do the elections now), and then after the meeting, she announced she was running for president. I thought this was a little ambitious, but who am I to squash someone's dreams. She was certain and determined. After a grooling couple of weeks where they are not allowed to hand anything out, and can only verbally campaign with a couple of posters, SHE WON! I'm so proud of her and she is SO excited! She is the new 7th grade president at Sunset Jr. High and couldn't be more pleased. It's cause she so dang nice to everyone; there isn't a nicer person in the world. She is just genuinly kind and sweet to everyone. I love this girl so much and she is a great example to me of just being a good kind person!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I need advice

I have the best neighbors. They are a young couple with two young daughters that Sammy falls right in between. They play together all the time. This man, Bert, is the kindest man in the world. Sometimes I find that he has taken my trash out or done other things just because he's a good and kind person. He's always happy and always happy to help. Julie is truly one of those people that you can't help but love immediately. She is darling and kind and good. I just found out that they lost their full term baby yesterday. She was due today. Yesterday was also her birthday. My heart is broken for this sweet young couple. I don't know what happened and won't know for a while, but feel a need to do something for them. I just don't know what to do. Last month when Mike (katy and Jane's dad) passed away, they brought over cookies and a card to express their sympathy. This is SO much bigger than that and I want to do something, but what. I have never lost a child and have no idea what I can do. Hugging her and saying "sorry you lost your baby" doesn't even begin to express how I'm feeling for her and Bert. I don't know if anyone that will read this has gone through something similar or knows someone that has that they can ask. I just want to know what will they need and how can I help, and is there a small gift that would mean something special that I could get for Julie? I need advice. So please ask around and try to help me know how to handle this and how I can help them. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Hair Update

Well, let's just say that my hair doesn't look like the adorable girl in the picture of my last post a few months ago. It doesn't look like any of the cuts from my pinterest hair board. It's just ugly and I hate it every single day. I actually got it cut about a month or so ago, thinking that it would grow on me/ that I would get used to it. I had about 6 inches cut off at least and bangs added. Not good on either count, not good at all. I cry almost every time I look in the mirror. As my mother has ALWAYS said "hair grows". Yes mother, that is true, but it surely doesn't grow nearly as quickly as I would like it to, like over night. I want the inches back and no bangs. I feel like I look about 5 years older and like a fumpy woman wearing helmet hair. It's bad. Everyone says it isn't, but I know the truth. We all know our own truth about how we really look. It's like when someone tells you you don't actually look fat in those jeans, you know you do. You wouldn't have asked if you didn't already know. The jeans make you look fat and you are trying to believe the horrible lies that everyone is telling you because you really want to believe that you don't look fat or feel fat. But the reality is that my hair is practically hideous. Yes, I can make it look decent and presentable, but I hate it and that's really the bottom line. If I don't feel beautiful with this hair cut, it isn't going to matter one bit what anyone tells me (unless that someone is Thor and he's telling me that he wants to marry me and be with me forever becasue of this hair cut). So, I will grow it back out once again; the vicious cycle continues. I do this all of the time. My hair grows to a decent long length and I get bored with how it looks and cut it, almost this exact same with, but without bangs usually. I tolerate it, but instantly decide that I need to grow it back out. It take a couple of years, and then I do it again! What am I always thinking!? I told the girls that no matter what, DO NOT LET ME CUT MY HAIR OFF AGAIN. I told my sisters and friends, DON"T LET ME DO IT!!!! I look so much better with long hair. Once I reach about 60 though, I'm going for the buzz looked. I think I could actually pull that off as an older woman!  Damn; I really hate hair!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dang this hair!

I'm in no way endorsing the website ideeli, although it does have some great clothes. I am loving this woman's haircut though. I go through these cycles of cutting my hair to a long bob and then growing it out again. It gets long and I can't stand it and cut it again. I haven't actually gotten any hair cut in well over a year and my hair is well past my shoulders. However, it looks stringy and isn't healthy. I know that I look better with shorter hair, but there is something about long hair that I love, or long to have. It's that sexiness that long hair gives a woman. I guess that I've heard for so long that men love long hair and that it's so much more beautiful, that I now believe it. Being single, I obviously feel like I need to do everything I can to attract men. However, seeing that I have had one date in the last year and that was a blind date and he didn't ask me out again, I can safely say, I think, that the long hair is not working. My other issue with having short hair is maintenance. Yes, when I actually have to do my long hair it takes a while. However, last summer I decided to follow years of hair dressers advice and cut back to only washing my hair on Sundays and Wednesdays. It was a very difficult transition to make, but I wanted healthier hair, and since it was summer and I wasnt' working, it was fine. by the end of summer, my hair was just fine with only two washes a week. Now, by Wednesday, my hair still looks pretty clean. It takes about 5 days for my hair to get greasy now (TMI maybe). I shower daily, of course, but only wash my hair twice a week. With long hair you can get away with that because I just get up, shower, and recurl my hair, or pull it back into some amazing braided style. It's easy and quick. Short hair is not like that. You have to get it wet and style it every single day. It doesn't look good unless you do, which then goes back to the greasy part, if you don't wash it one day, it's gets greasy and ugly.  So in the end it's going to add time to my morning schedule, and will it look better; I don't really know. The above style is what I would really love, but let's be honest, a hair dresser did her hair, and it probably doesn't look that amazing every day. Plus, with short hair there is only one thing you can do to it. Not only that, can I pull off a look that is that short and edgy? I have always wanted to, but never been that brave. Am I too old to pull off edgy hair styles? I just don't know. I do know one thing; my hair is pretty long and I am sick of it.